2019 NFL Preview: American Football Conference

The AFC has always been the rebel of the NFL in their storied history and they continue to take that attitude even when they NFC follows them to try to get on top.

2015 NFL Preview: Early Playoff Outlook

The NFL will travel to Santa Clara in February when Levi’s Stadium hosts one of the biggest Super Bowls in the history of the league.

Wednesday Morning QB (NFL Week 17)

The NFL regular season has officially finished as yet another crazy season has been put in the books. The season came and went fast even as it almost seemed to be over before it started when the NFL and NFLPA almost cancelled the season with a labour dispute. The Season was an interesting one and in many cases came right down to the wire as teams fought for their spot in the postseason.

Lombardi Trophy up for Grabs

The Lombardi Trophy made it back to where it began in 2010 as the Green Bay Packers beat the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl XLV. This year the Packers will be looking to travel to Indianapolis as Lucas Oil Stadium will host Super Bowl XLVI in February 2012. There will be many team competing for their shot and going into the annals of the NFL as the champions of the 2011 season. The parity in the NFL is among the best in all of sports as the last repeat champion was the New England Patriots in 2004 and 2005. The Packers are hoping to become the next back to back champions but there are many teams looking to dethrone the champions.

A Battle Between Giants (AFC East Preview)

One of the strongest divisions in the last decade has been the AFC North but really because of one team. The New England Patriots were the NFL’s team of the 2000s as they continued to win every year and if they didn’t win they were very close. With Tom Brady and Bill Belichick leading the Pats they have been able to dominate the league for years. The last few years has seen a small shift in the power structure as the New York Jets have welcomed Rex Ryan.

Can Indy Manage to Hold on? (AFC South Preview)

The AFC South has been dominated by one team and really one man for the last few years as the Indianapolis Colts and Peyton Manning have won the South consistently. Peyton Manning has been one of the best QBs in the NFL and he has led his team to the AFC South championships repeatedly. Meanwhile the Houston Texans are beginning to show some life after coming into the NFL in the 1997. The Texans have been getting better every year and will be looking to challenge the dominance of the Colts this year.

Chargers Still the Class of the West (AFC West Preview)

The AFC West has been dominated by one team for years as the An Diego Chargers are favorites to win every year. The Chargers have been the class of the division for many years but have never been able to do anything in the playoffs. Last year ended their rein when a surprising Kansas City club took home the division title. They did this with pure speed as they left other teams in the dust for the majority of the season.

Can the Ravens get Past Pitt (AFC North Preview)

The AFC North has been known for the great defence in the division including the two top teams. Pittsburgh and Baltimore have a reputation for have very stingy defences that shut down every offence they face. The Steelers have the best tradition as they harken back to the time of the Steel Curtain defence. The Ravens have created a reputation with their two veterans that are bound to enter the Hall of Fame in the future. Ray Lewis and Ed Reed have made a defence to be feared. Both the Pittsburgh Steelers and Baltimore Ravens have battled for the top spot for years as the two teams from Ohio struggle to keep up.

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