Excitement in Salt Lake

Although the amount of fights have been criticised the quality of fights doesn’t seem to suffer all of the time with a great fight in Salt Lake at UFC fight Night 92.

UFC Fight Night 92 Preview

The featherweight division continues to be a logjam as the biggest star holds up everyone else who is just fighting to find their way to the title.

Disappointment in Chicago (UFC on Fox 10 Review)

This time last year Benson Henderson was standing on top of the best division in the UFC as the UFC lightweight champion. He was considered to be another champion that might be able to take over the division and be a dominant champion. Henderson was a promising champion and looked like he was going to be a champion for a long time.

The Small Card That Could (UFC on Fuel TV 4 Review)

It never fails that the UFC puts on a great show whenever the championship goes to live TV to showcase some good fighters. The main events on live cards generally feature two big names in the divisions but rarely feature title holders or the biggest names in the UFC.

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