Can New Faces Topple the Beasts of the East?

The Eastern Conference has been ruled by the Montreal Alouettes for years but last year that changed when the Winnipeg Blue Bombers took the Eastern Division Title. This year the Bombers and Alouettes will look to battle it out again but the two Ontario teams have different thoughts.

Tuesday Morning QB (CFL Week 8)

In the first of two bye weeks there were only two games and they were both very important. The Argos and the Riders faced off in a battle of one win teams as they both attempted to get their second win and try to turn their season around. Then the Eskies and the B.C. Lions met as two teams faced off as they passed each other on the season escalator. B.C. was looking to continue their climb and the Eskies were beginning to fall. As Labour Day approaches teams begin to prepare for the inevitable changes that come at the official midway point of the season. Labour Day has always been the turning point in every season as players that went to the NFL and didn’t make it begin to return and teams begin to prepare themselves for a playoff run. Coaches will be fired and maybe some GMs too as the teams that are playing below their expectations. The teams that don’t have that problem will be making sure they continue their success or add a few minor pieces in order to get ready of November. Be ready for a lot of movement that has already started thanks to one team’s lack of success on the field this year.

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