Pyeongchang 2018 Olympic Update (Day 12)

The Pyeongchang Games have been great for so many but looking in the stands things might not be going as well as organizers officially stated with empty seats in many places leaving some to wonder what the legacy of the games might be in a few years.

Pyeongchang 2018 Olympic Update (Day 10)

This year one of the biggest stories heading into the games was the doping scandal in Russia and despite the ban a number of athletes were looking to make their dreams come true but a failed drug test has put the decision to allow Russian athletes at the Olympics in doubt.

Pyeongchang 2018 Olympic Update (Day 5)

The Olympics can inspire some serious fandom but sometimes it can take a bad turn and in one of the more controversial sports in the Winter Olympics an example of the dark turn this fandom can take hit home.

2018 Olympic Preview: The Russian Ban

It was the biggest doping scandal in the history of the Olympics and it was followed by the biggest punishment in the history of the games as 2018 will be an Olympics without Russia changing the make-up of the games altogether.

2018 Olympic Preview: Hockey Without Stars

The Olympic hockey tournament has always been one of the biggest competitions in the hockey world but this year it will look a lot different with the NHL no longer participating leaving a new set of players trying to be determined the best in the world.

2018 Olympic Preview: New Focus

Like any other sport in the world, the Olympics are looking for a way to appeal to younger audiences and with that in mind they have continued to add new sports that will bring in that younger audience.

2018 Olympic Preview: Politics in the Olympics

The world of politics have already clashed with the world of sports throughout the last two years and things are only getting bigger as one of the biggest sports events approach, so there was never a hope of the Olympics not being somewhat political.

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