2016 World Cup of Hockey Report (Day 1)

The biggest questions before the World Cup was how the European and North American teams were going to do and on the first day the Europeans proved that they were in the tournament to compete not just show up.

2016 World Cup of Hockey Preview: Playoff Outlook

The Canadians are defending champions from 2004 but the world of international hockey has changed and despite being favourites they might have a few more challengers than usual.

2016 World Cup Preview: Group A Preview

Group A may not be as unpredictable as Group B but there are still some great teams that will need to be watched in the battle for a playoff spot.

2016 World Cup of Hockey Preview: Group B Preview

Group B in the World Cup of Hockey has plenty of unknowns with a young team trying to prove they belong to a great team trying not to falter as the battle is sure to be great.

2016 World Cup of Hockey Preview

The NHL is getting in on the international hockey game as they take the best players in the world and bring back the World Cup of Hockey.

NHL Week in Review (February 21-27)

The award race is heating up alongside the playoff race in the NHL and one of the best battles is for the Calder Trophy where debate will be strong for multiple players.

NHL Week in Review (January 18-24)

The NHL took another break this week with the All-Star weekend in full swing but they did not stay silent for the entire week. The NHL decided that this was the perfect time to announce the return of the World Cup of Hockey. It is far from a classic tournament as it began in 1996 and was only played twice, the last tournament was in 2004. With only two years of the tournament it has never been able to gain the traction that the NHL had hoped to find when they first introduced the tournament.

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