More Teams, More Possibilities (WJC Medal Preview)

The World Juniors are set to begin and with a new tournament comes a new format that will give more teams a chance to win. The IIHF would approve a new playoff format in 2012 and will put it into practice in the 2014 tournament. Since 2003 the World Juniors would see three teams move on to the playoffs. The first place team in each pool would earn a bye through to the semi-finals while the other teams would fight it out in the quarter-finals.

The Rise of Europe (WJC Pool B Preview)

The World Juniors have long been a tournament for the Canadians as they have always been the biggest team. There has always been one other team though that has been one of the best even if they do not focus on the tournament that much. The Russians have always been one of the best teams in the tournament as they have been constantly among the top teams every year.

The North American Rivalry (Pool A Preview)

The World Juniors have long been Canada’s tournament as they have been the most dominant team in the tournament. For a long time the tournament would come down to the second place battle as nobody could beat the Canadians. A lot of that has changed in the past few years though as the Canadians have lost their grip on the tournament. A large part of this has been the rise of their neighbours to the south in the USA.

The World is Catching Up (2014 World Junior Preview)

The World U20 tournament is far from the biggest international hockey tournament in the world. It is a tournament that was made to essentially give the young kids a chance at some international experience. For the majority of countries that participate it is another tournament that runs alongside league play and is generally not that important.

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