2012 MLB Season Outlook

The MLB season has already technically started with two games in March as the MLB went to Japan for the first time. Ichiro Suzuki went home with the Seattle Seahawks to Tokyo playing in front of a huge crowd. The National League has also kicked off their season with the Miami Marlins opening their new ballpark against the defending champions.

The Beasts remain but for how long? (AL East Preview)

It is one of the most competitive and best division in the MLB as the AL East contains some of the best teams in the league every year. The Yankees have regularly been one of the best teams in the MLB and always spend the most money on their players to get them to the top. The Red Sox attempted to keep up with them for years and were regularly giving the pinstripes a run for their money.

New looks and new hopes in the East (NL East Preview)

The National League East is a division of dominance as there has been a pattern of one team dominating the division over and over. It is not only one team that has dominated though as a number of teams have been able to assert their dominance over the years. As one of the oldest divisions in the MLB many teams have had their chance to be the dominating force in the division.

One team to rule them all (AL Central Preview)

The AL Central is one of the more competitive divisions in the MLB as there have been 4 champions since 2005. It has been so even that in 2009 it came down to a playoff game between the Chicago White Sox and the Minnesota Twins, the Twins won. Last year the division began to lose their competitiveness as one team was able to dominate the division.

Can the Cards Repeat? (NL Central Preview)

The NL Central is a division with some issues this year as it is one of the most unstable divisions in baseball. Almost every team looks shaky in the central division that could see just the best of the worst win and earn a berth in the postseason. Along with the uneasiness of the team’s performance there is also controversy in the division.

Third time the Charm for the Rangers? (AL West Preview)

The AL West has been a very wild division in the last few years with every team looking like they have the ability to win games. Even though they have generally been even over the last years one dominant team has been dominating the division for the last two years. The Texas Rangers have become a new power in the AL making two appearances in the World Series in the last two years.

Two Horse Race in the West (NL West Preview)

The NL West saw a dominant performance and some on-field and off-field issues that made the division a bit of a circus in 2011. The West is a strange division as there has been many different winners and last year it boasted the defending World Series Champions in the San Francisco Giants.

5 things to watch in 2012 (MLB Preview)

The Boys of summer are coming back as Major League Baseball kicks off another season. Last year gave everyone enough to talk about as the season came down to the very end. With such a long season the playoffs rarely come down to the very last day but that is exactly what happened in 2011.

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