UFC 242 Preview

ufc-242The lightweight division finally gets going again as the champion is back and ready to begin a reign that could match some of the greatest ever.

That is what Khabib Nurmagomedov is hoping for at least as he remains one of the most dominant fighters in the UFC.

He has yet to lose a fight leading to his championship run and his defence against Conor McGregor.

It’s not just about the wins though it is about how he wins fights as he has ground out wins and looked unbeatable.

He has looked dominant in every fight he has been in and it has made many wonder if there is a chance that anyone can beat him.

Then again Khabib is not unbeatable despite the fact that he has yet to be beat in the sport.

The reality is that Khabib is a look back to the old ways of the sport when fighters cam in specializing in one sport.

MMA was created to test all of the different disciplines to determine who would be the best.

As the sport evolved these disciplines morphed into one that was just mixed martial arts and as that became the norm more and more fighters did everything to prepare.

The sport is now at a place where fighters need to be well versed in everything as they need to have a ground game as well as stand up.

That is what the game has become as ore and more athletes are coming into the sport with a better balance.

It is rare to see a fighter come into the sport at the highest level without some sort of balance in their game even if they come in with a background in a certain discipline.

Nurmagomedov is that rare fighter though as he came into MMA after years of Combat Sambo experience.

A Master of Sport in Russia for Combat Sambo he is one of the best in the world at that discipline.mma-sidebar.fw

He has used that to grind down his opponents as that style of wrestling when done well and Nurmagomedov brings a new level of that base.

The problem for Nurmagomedov is that the wrestling seems to be all that he has which was exposed when he fought Al Iaquinta.

Iaquinta brought that stand-up game and as a last-minute replacement, he shocked many when he dropped Nurmagomedov.

It showed that the Russian could be touched and could be put down given the right person the problem is that he is so good in the other aspect it is tough for fighters to keep the fight standing.

If someone can keep this fight standing for at least enough time to land some big shots Nurmagomedov might not be able to last.

That is the challenge facing Dustin Poirier as he is the next to take on the lightweight champion looking to shock the world.

Although Poirier doesn’t get a lot of love in the division he has been around a while and has seen everything that there is to see in the octagon.

That could be an advantage as he knows he will get taken down and it won’t phase him when he gets there as long as he can play enough defence.

Every round will start on the feet so the key to this fight for Poirier is to keep it standing as long as possible.

If he can he might be able to get some solid shots off and if they land he has the power that could end the night for the champion.

Although there will be a lot of this fight on the ground Poirier needs to keep his head as Nurmagomedov doesn’t always finish his fights.

He likes to grind things out and win by decision so Poirier has some time in the first few rounds to just play defence.

If he can do that he might just expose the way to beat the person that many thought couldn’t be beat.

Then again Nurmagomedov is so good at what he does that the grind could wear too much on Poirier leaving him short of the ultimate goal.


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