2019 CFL Preview: Early Playoff Outlook

playoffoutlookOnce again the focus when taking a look at the league as a whole will be whether or not the east can actually make a run at it this year.

The battle between west and east has been an interesting one as the regular season has seen the west completely dominate but when it comes to the biggest game of the year it is different.

That is where the east has come threw more often than not especially in the last three seasons

I those seasons teams that would have struggled to make the playoffs in the west finished in first place in the east.

They had terrible records thanks in large part to their struggles against teams from the west.

When the playoffs began in those seasons it was almost assumed that the west was going to run through the east.

With the crossover in effect, it was thought that the western team that took the final Eastern playoff spot may have even made their way to the Grey Cup for an all western final.

Yet in the playoffs, the crossover continued to struggle to make it past the first round leaving eastern teams to fight their way to the Grey Cup.

Even then the thought was that the eastern teams standing little chance of actually winning the title over the powerhouses in the west.

Yet in two of the last three years, the eastern representative in the Grey Cup took the title over the best team in the league.

The Calgary Stampeders were the dominant force in the league throughout the last three seasons earning their way to the Grey Cup every year.

Despite the amount of talent in the west, the Stamps were the ones who came out of it all to claim a title.

Yet the Argonauts and REDBLACKS were better on the most important day taking two titles in those three years.football-sidebar

Last year the Stamps finally made it through and prevented becoming the Buffalo Bills of the CFL and losing three straight appearances in the Grey Cup.

The Stamps finally took the title and for them, that meant that they finally followed through on their potential.

The west finally took over the league with the Grey Cup and now the question is whether or not that can continue.

There is no debate about which division is better as there is more talent in the west than in the east.

They have the talent and stability in almost all of their franchises to continue to be the best teams in the league.

That will be the battle to watch as the best teams and biggest names fight to see who can unseat the Stampeders and provide a new face for the Grey Cup.

The east will be a fight between teams just trying to figure things out after bad seasons and a lot of changes for the teams has left a lot of questions.

On the outside, it seems pretty obvious that a western team is going to win the Grey Cup again and that team seems likely to be Calgary.

Then again the east has proven to be a division that steps up at the biggest times and the team that can get through the questions is a team to be watched.

Although the Stamps seem like the easy choice in the west a rebuilt BC team could challenge them while a reloaded Edmonton team might bounce back in a big way.

The east has a clear favourite in the Tiger-Cats but if the Argonauts can come together after their rebuild and the REDBLACKS can get over their biggest loss it could be an interesting battle.

The Stampeders look like an obvious choice and there are a lot of great teams to go through but their steadiness makes it hard to bet against them.

The Tiger-Cats seem like the only team in the east that might have some sense of stability and that will be good enough to get them to the Grey Cup.

Hamilton is still not steady enough with changes on defence to think they can beat the Stamps though as they repeat as champions.


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