UFC on ESPN+ 10 Preview

ufc-espn+10The fighting world can go in waves as certain fighters can be on top of the world at one point and barely hanging on only a few months later.

It isn’t the easiest career to get into as fighting take s a lot of sacrifice for little payoff when it comes to the majority of fighters.

The months that these fighters spend preparing for a fight can isolate them far more than any other athlete.

They take punishment as a job and while taking that punishment can easily lose at any moment.

It is the nature of the fight game as the best fighter and the most prepared fighter isn’t always going to win the fight.

One punch can end things and one mistake on the ground can put a fighter in a bad way really quickly.

With adrenaline running the preparation can go out of the window pretty quickly no matter how anybody trained.

So it is no surprise that most fighters have to take advantage of the times when things are going right for them.

They can seem to do everything right and when that is the case they are riding high but with one fight and one mistake, it can all end.

Making a run to the title is hard enough but sustaining that success becomes so much tougher the longer that run goes.

It is why the accomplishments of the greatest of all time are so much bigger than in most other sports.

Two fighters who know exactly what it takes to be great and how hard it is to stay great will get their chance to return to the conversation.

Not long ago Kevin Lee was the next big thing in the lightweight division as he was going to be one of the top prospects in the weight class.

He was going through plenty of big names and on his way to the next level where he could challenge for the title.


He was doing it with a lot of talk and plenty to back it up but he then ran into that top level of lightweight fighter.

His title fight against Tony Ferguson did not go as planned with a third-round submission loss but it is his journey after that loss which is more concerning.

Lee was not 100% in that fight with a serious staph infection on his chest but he hasn’t been able to climb back.

He took a big win over Edson Barboza after a doctor’s stoppage but then lost by unanimous decision to Al Iaquinta.

It hasn’t been the most consistent stretch for Lee who went from a top prospect to almost forgotten in the lightweight division.

He gets a chance to put his name back in the spotlight in a new division as he moves up to welterweight to take on a former champion.

Rafael Dos Anjos was once considered a fighter who could become one of the greatest champions in the UFC.

He spent a long time at the top of the lightweight division and it was assumed that he may never lose the belt.

That was until he ran into Eddie Alvarez and lost the belt then lost his attempt to get back to the title against Tony Ferguson.

He moved to the welterweight division and began finding that same success he once had in the lightweight division.

He was headed for a second UFC title but fell just short when he lost the interim title to Colby Covington and then took another loss to the current #1 contender in Kamaru Usman.

With two straight losses, Dos Anjos is no longer a part of the conversation in the welterweight division but with a win against Lee, he could find his way there.

Two fighters with a total of one win combined in their last five fights is enough to fall out of the running.

They both have become forgotten parts of title runs but a win in this main event could bring more of a light to get them back to being talked about in the welterweight division.


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