UFC 237 Preview

ufc-237There will always be a debate about what is more important in the fighting world, power or technique.

For the most part, technique is the solution to a long lasting successful career but it doesn’t mean that a fighter can be the best forever.

That is the interesting part of the power debate as power can end any fight at any time it just takes one punch.

A fighter with the more power in the equation can quite literally be losing a fight for five rounds only to launch that one punch with 30 seconds left that makes them the winner.

It is what makes so many people fall in love with power for a fighter as they can cause that reaction at any moment.

Technique is the key to successful fighters but it often doesn’t provide the same type of reaction.

More often than not the fighter with technique is the one who will make the fight boring and pick away at their opponents.

It isn’t the most exciting way to win fights but it is by far the more consistent way to win fights.

Relying on a big punch is a dangerous thing as it can land at any moment but a fighter with better technique can stay out of that range.

Dancing around the outside of their opponent’s range while they dart in for punches and get takedowns at little risk is a sure way to stay away from that knockout.

That technique and a game plan to stay out of the range of power can certainly help a fighter survive and win.

One mistake and all of that technique goes out of the window though as it only takes one mistake to end the fight.

This battle between technique and power will be perfectly expressed in the next title fight at UFC 237.

That is where the strawweight champion, Rose Namajunas will defend her title against Jessica Andrade in a matchup of technique and power.

Namajunas has shown to be on the best technicians on the roster with a well-rounded game and a technique that beat one of the greatest female fighters ever.

In her fights against Joanna Jędrzejczyk, she showcased everything in her arsenal against a woman nobody thought would be beaten.mma-sidebar.fw

Not only did she beat the former champion twice in a row but she knocked out the most technical striker in the division in their first fight.

That showed just what Namajunas was bringing to the table after years of fine-tuning her technique.

She now continues her quest to become one of the best ever by defending her belt against someone not named Jędrzeczyk.

This time it will be against Andrade who has been making her way through the strawweight division with power that has never been seen in the smallest weight class.

That is something different than anyone has seen as her ability to do damage to the other women in the division is not supposed to happen with women that are 115 lbs.

It has made her a true threat in the division and after beating Claudia Gadelha, Tecia Torres and Karolina Kowalkiewicz she has earned her shot.

In all three of those last three wins, she was impressively powerful and left little doubt that she was the better fighter.

Now she gets a bigger test than ever as Namajunas is that fighter that won’t want to stand and trade.

Namajunas doesn’t have the power to end this fight in a single punch but she does have that ability to end a fight due to volume.

If she can stay out of the range of Andrade she can win this fight as she can pick apart the less technical challenger.

Andrade will be looking for that punch though as she hopes to unload on the champion and do enough damage to end the fight.

If she can she will take the title belt and end the reign of Namajunas before it really ever began while Namajunas is attempting to establish her legend.


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