Technique in the Chaos

ufc-espn+9To the untrained eye, there are certain styles that just seem like two fighters going forward and throwing anything they can.

Sometimes that is the case but for some fighters who excel at this style of fighting it is a lot more than just throwing caution to the wind.

Donald Cerrone and Al Iaquinta are known for doing just that as they are two fighters who are almost guaranteed a post-fight bonus when they step into the octagon.

They are known for being those types of fighters who just go forward and put the pressure on without much regard for what happens to themselves.

That is what it looks like on the outside but when really looking at the fights that they put together there is a lot more to it than just moving forward.

Both fighters, like others with the same style, are seen as fighters with little skill who just pressure because they have nothing else.

They are trying to get that one big punch and getting the fight over with before they are exposed but that isn’t exactly the case.

These fighters use that pressure to cause mistakes because they know that they are the ones with the gas tank to keep the pace.

They can push that pace and put their opponents into a situation that they aren’t used to cause them to open up.

That is where their technique shines through as they can then pick apart their opponents who are unable to find their feet.

It looks like chaos when it is in action as fighters throw a huge amount of punches trying to break through.

More often than not one of those punches is going to get through and end the fight in a violent manner.

The way it works it looks like the fighter is just getting lucky by throwing enough punches to get through.

It is far more difficult than what it looks like but it is hard to show exactly what that is like in all of the chaos.

The one person who shows it off more than anyone else has been Cerrone though who’s technique tends to shine through.

It only seems to be getting better more as he gets older though as he seems to look to take less damage but inflict more.

Ever since he has had a child his fighting style has been tweaked and although it remains one of the most exciting styles in the UFC the technique only seems to be picking up.

He is able to push the pace against every opponent but instead of swinging for the fences he is weaving in and out while putting combinations

It causes plenty of damage while he is able to stay out of range and fire shots into his opponent’s guard.

Iaquinta is a little less refined in his style although still with plenty of skill in what, to many, looks like chaos.

He was going to try to draw Cerrone into that more-violent style of fight and land a big punch to put Cerrone out.

With Cerrone getting older he is likely more susceptible to that big punch and Iaquinta has plenty of power.

That was the plan but this new Cerrone wasn’t going to make it easy on anyone he fights with his newly adjusted style.

Either way, this fight was meant to be a showcase in the most exciting styles in the UFC with two fighters will to put it all on the line.

The fight did not disappoint as both fighters put on what looked like a violent exchange with little to no technique.

The reality of it was that Iaquinta was looking for that big shot to end the fight while Cerrone was unloading technique.

It was the technique that won out though as Cerrone slowly built up the rounds and picked apart the defence of Iaquinta.

He unloaded multiple combinations and a few big knees that put Iaquinta down for the first time in his career.

The technique of Cerrone added up and he looked better than he had ever before making it look like he is taking his style to another level at 36 years old.

From here is a serious run at the title for Cerrone who wants to fight Conor McGregor, which could be a great fight, or for the title.

He has a case to make to get to that level as Khabib Nurmagomedov is still gone from a suspension but Cerrone is right there in the mix.



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