2019 NFL Draft Preview

Downtown Nashville Tennessee SkylineThe 2019 version of the Draft is an interesting one if only for the fact that there aren’t those big names that everyone is talking about.

For the last few years the quarterbacks took all of the headlines as for two straight years there were QBs that could change franchises.

A number of those QBs are now doing exactly that as they are starting for their teams and making a legitimate difference in the league.

With the number of QBs coming through over the last two years there is now a lack of those major names in the draft.

This year’s draft is not much of a debate about which quarterback deserves to be taken first overall and who will change the franchise from under centre.

That leaves a little less focus on the draft as a whole with the fun and most recognizable position in the league.

It doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of aspects about this draft to look at or that there won’t be players who will change a franchise.

The biggest story will always be around quarterbacks but instead of the number of massive names, it is really just one name this time around.

It was the biggest story throughout the NCAA offseason, what sport was Heisman Trophy winner Kyler Murray going to choose.

After being drafted by the Oakland Athletics two years ago, Murray seemed to clearly have a bright future in the MLB.

That league tends to allow for players to have longer careers and eventually more money if you are a top player.

Still, he was a quarterback and one of the best QB prospects in this year’s draft giving him the potential to make a lot of money right off the bat.

Although the amount of money is limited the sky is the limit for a good quarterback in the NFL.

This past year Bryce Harper signed the biggest MLB deal ever that will pay him an average of $25-million a year while Russel Wilson just signed his own deal that will pay him an average of $35-million a year.

Everyone wondered what Murray would do, pick the safer sport for less money but a long career or choose the dangerous sport for more money and a shorter career.

Murray decided on the NFL and entered the NFL draft immediately bringing a QB into the fold at the top of the draft.

Murray is small but his athletic ability overwrites his size, much like it did Baker Mayfield, and a team looking for that athletic QB could take him very early.

Some believe that the Arizona Cardinals, who own the first pick, will go with Murray despite choosing Josh Rosen in last year’s draft.

In most drafts that would be a lock to be the top pick but this year the defensive talent is off the charts leaving some doubt.football-sidebar

There are plenty of defensive linemen to choose from this year and that is going to give the Cardinals something to think about.

Although Murray was the biggest story there is a heated debate raging on about who the best defensive prospect is in this draft.

Quinnen Williams is an inside force the likes of Aaron Donald from the greatest program in the NCAA so he is NFL-ready.

Nick Bosa missed most of last season with an injury and could drop but he has shown signs of being just as good as his brother who has become a key piece the Chargers’ defence.

Ed Oliver was long considered the best defensive prospect in the game but fell slightly by not guiding his team to a higher ranking.

Josh Allen, Montez Sweat and Brian Burns can also make a big impact on the defensive line and all are ready to be taken in the top ten.

As important as a quarterback is in the NFL the only thing more important is trying to figure out a way to stop those quarterbacks.

The only consistently proven way has been to get pressure and finding that edge rusher or someone who can make things a mess in the middle of the line is the best way.

These athletic rushers are all on the edge of making a big impression in the NFL and giving their new teams a building block for the defence.

Although the quarterbacks are not available in this draft there are still players more than able to become the difference for a team right away.

There will be a lot of talk about Murray and whether or not the Cardinals should take him but at the end of the day, this draft’s legacy will be the defensive talent.

Out of all of the talent available, it will be changed defensive lines that will make the difference when the season begins in September.

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