UFC 235 Preview

ufc-235It’s another big card for the UFC as two titles are on the line and a much-anticipated UFC debut make this something that fight fans can’t miss.

The UFC spent a lot of 2018 looking to build cards that were all based on one big name and never really gave much attention to anyone else.

It wasn’t the greatest way to build out there cards as they often fell short of expectations.

That wasn’t the way things used to be done as the UFC used to put together pay per view cards together that got everyone excited.

Although not every pay-per-view event this year has had that same attitude things have started positively.

UFC 235 shows that as the UFC is back to their old ways in stacking a card with more than one fight that should pique interest.

Aside from the two title fights that lead this card, there is one fight that excites the real MMA fans more than any other.

Late last year the UFC made an unprecedented move with ONE FC when they traded away the pound-for-pound great to a rival promotion for a fighter many consider to be one of the greatest.

Demetrious Johnson was given to ONE FC, a place where his size likely would be less of a problem in a market that appreciates smaller fighter more than North America.

In return, they were sent Ben Askren, one of the best fighters in the world but one with a complicated history with Dana White.

Askren is 18-0 in his MMA career and is probably the best wrestler in all of MMA, which makes him unbeatable, at least so far, but also boring.

He has never really excited anyone with his fighting but there is no doubt that he is one of the greatest and one who has yet to show a weakness.

He will make his UFC debut at UFC 235 as he finally gets the chance to show just how good he can be against the best in the sport.

It won’t be an easy start either as he takes on former UFC champion Robbie Lawler in his first matchup in his new promotion.

Lawler might not be what he once was as a champion but he remains one of the toughest fighters in the UFC and his hands are unlike any that Askren has experienced.

This is the test that many have been waiting for as Askren has his chance to show the world that he is just as good as they thought by beating a former champion and beginning his road to the title.

That is a fight mainly for the MMA fans who are interested in getting an answer that is rarely seen in MMA.

The bigger fights will be with gold on the line as Tyron Woodley continues to try to build his legacy as a welterweight champion and Jon Jones looks to recover his.

Woodley has not been the most active champion in the UFC and a big part of that was due to his battles with the UFC.mma-sidebar.fw

It seems as though he knows that was a fight nobody could win and instead to take things on himself, which means fighting and winning.

He has a lot of work to do as his one fight in 2018 led to plenty of contenders finding their way to the top.

After taking out Darren Till in his last fight he now faces another young star in Kamaru Usman who hasn’t lost a fight since 2013.

He will look to take out Woodley but the champion has plans to supplant Georges St. Pierre as the best welterweight of all time.

In the main event, the comeback continues for Jones who takes his second fight in three months in an attempt to put himself back as the best fighter ever.

Jones has a long and complicated history that has been talked about plenty in his multiple returns.

There is no doubt about his talent but his multiple failed drug tests and legal battles have kept him out of the octagon.

If he had never failed a drug test there is little argument that he would be considered the greatest ever and that he would have already taken over two divisions.

Now that he is back, and hopefully the issues are behind him, he looks to continue building that complicated legacy.

He took care of one big part of that legacy when he beat Alexander Gustafsson in a rematch that earned him the title.

Now he takes on the best challenger in the division in Anthony Smith who put together three straight impressive wins in his last three fights and has looked like a future champion.

His size could give Jones problem but that was the same thing many said about Gustafsson but that didn’t work out well for the challenger.

Jones looks to try to eliminate the only real challenger in the division before he makes the potential move to heavyweight.


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