Experience over Everything

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This year’s Super Bowl was built as something special as the hottest coach in the league was taking on the greatest to ever do it.

Sean McVay was going to bring his offensive mind into the Super Bowl to become the youngest head coach in NFL history to win a title.

He was going to have to take out the most successful NFL head coach ever in Bill Belichick who had taken five titles since taking over the Patriots in 2000.

This was going to be his chance at an unprecedented sixth title and it all came alongside Tom Brady.

They were the old guard though as their season wasn’t the same as the other years they had been in the Super Bowl.

Usually, the Patriots run through the league rarely losing games and clearly ending the season as the best team in the league.

This year they were a good team but they weren’t the best team and so they were not considered a lock for the Super Bowl.

That gave the Patriots just enough to feel like the world was against them and that nobody thought that they could win.

Although it was likely more that they had shown some weaknesses and weren’t guaranteed a win but nobody was that surprised when they did win and find their way to the Super Bowl.

It didn’t really matter to the Patriots as they were given the motivation they wanted in order to play the underdog role.

It was always supposed to be a challenge in the big game though as they were taking on what seemed like the new era.

The Rams had an offensive genius in McVay who had been leading the revolution to a concentration on offence over defence.

Yet still, the Rams had a great defence with one of the best lines in the game, which included Aaron Donald and Ndamukong Suh.

The combination of this great defence and an innovative offence along with superstars like Donald, Jared Goff and Todd Gurley had some believing that they could take the Patriots.

It would be an announcement of the new era officially beginning with the Patriots taking two straight Super Bowl losses and the Rams potentially starting their own dynasty.

In a game that was going to be something special with two great football minds going back and forth the fireworks never really ignited.

Both teams started slow as the offences on both sides couldn’t get anything going while the defences stood strong.

The problem was that the Patriots may not have looked very good on offence but they didn’t seem to be hurting themselves.football-sidebar

They were going through the motions and getting things going but the Rams were able to get good stops at good times.

On the other side, the Rams just didn’t seem to be ready for the moment on offence with Goff struggling to make decisions and Gurley on the bench.

For some reason, the Rams had decided to sit Gurley, which wasn’t the first time during this playoff run.

Some expected that he was injured although after the game he insisted that he was fine, leaving even more to a mystery.

With Goff seemingly struggling under the spotlight and Gurley out of the game the Rams offence just couldn’t fire on all cylinders.

Everyone was just waiting for that Rams offence to get into gear and although the few times Gurley was on the field and broke a few runs it wasn’t enough to get it all working.

The Rams defence did everything they could to keep them in the game and give the offence a chance to go ahead.

It just wasn’t enough as the Patriots did what the Patriots do and when they go the ball late in the fourth quarter they put up the only touchdown of the game.

It was all that the Patriots needed to win as the struggles were never solved for the Rams and their offence leading to the 13-3 loss.

It was one of the lowest scoring Super Bowls in history and not a very exciting game with limited big plays.

This was a perfect example of the Patriots though as they continued their dynasty the way that they have built the dynasty.

They constantly find a way to win games and it might not always be perfect or pretty but they find a way.

It wasn’t pretty and it wasn’t exciting but the Patriots put together the exact performance they needed to win their sixth title in the Brady-Belichick era.


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