UFC on ESPN+ 2 Preview

ufc-espn+2The UFC has always been the standard in the sport of MMA as the best fighters have always been on the UFC roster.

With the growth of the sport throughout the world and more and more promotions coming up there is more talent everywhere.

When talent rises through these other promotions there is always that question about how good they actually are.

The best in the sport have to fight in the UFC to truly be tested as the champions are the best in the world and those just under the champions could earn titles in other promotions.

To get through the roster of fighters in the UFC is the ultimate test for any fighter and no matter how much success a fighter has it will always linger about whether or not they could do it in the biggest show.

Marlon Moraes is one of those fighters who always had that question hanging over him throughout his career.

While with the World Series of Fighting he was considered one of the best in the game never losing while with the promotion.

There was that question though about whether or not he could do the same in the UFC against a higher calibre of talent.

Then the WSOF underwent massive changes as they stripped every champion of their belt and rebranded as the Professional Fighters League.

That gave Moraes the chance to prove just how good he could be by signing with the UFC and looking to grab the title.

He took the contract and joined the roster of the best fighters in the world looking to find his way up the Bantamweight division.

He received an early lesson in the skill level of the UFC when his first fight was scheduled against Raphael Assunção.

Assunção was not the best fighter in the division but was certainly a good fighter in the division who was just beginning to find his way up the rankings.

This wasn’t a title elimination fight or a fight against the title holder but it was enough to show Moraes what he was up against.

Moraes wasn’t completely outclassed but he did lose his UFC debut with a split decision and despite how he lost the fact was that he lost.

In a much-anticipated appearance to show that he was just as good as everyone said even fighter lesser competition.

That debut was a loss and so he was immediately labelled as someone who couldn’t hang with the best in the world.mma-sidebar.fw

Moraes had to now work twice as hard on his way back to being recognized as one of the best bantamweights in the world.

Before his debut loss, he was already being set on a path to a title but that loss changed everything.

After that debut, he finally began to show what made him a touted fighter, to begin with rattling off three straight wins.

He has worked his way through some of the biggest names in the division and is showing that all the hype he had before his time in the UFC was warranted.

Now he gets his shot to prove once and for all just how great he can be when he gets his shot to avenge that debut loss.

It was a close fight the first time around and not one without a little controversy as any split decision would be.

Moraes had to deal with the change from the WSOF to the UFC and the attention that it brings to be under that type of spotlight.

He is used to it by now and so he will look to take the win and do enough to prove that he can be a title contender.

Assunção has done his own work since that win putting up two more wins to earn a total of four straight.

He is considered a true contender for the belt with a win and a loss against current champion T.J. Dillashaw.

To beat him would immediately put Moraes into the conversation and get him that much-needed respect in the UFC.

Moraes is looking to be one of the few fighters who could translate their set of skills to the biggest stage of them all.


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