2019 CFP National Championship Preview

natchamp-previewIt is an all-too-familiar matchup to tend the season in the NCAA as the two best teams in the CFP era are back for another shot at the title.

Clemson and Alabama have been the best teams in the country for the last few years with both taking titles in the CFP era.

More often than not those titles have gone through each other, either in the final game or the semi-final game.

This year will be no different and no matter the arguments it always seems to be headed this way.

Every year the National Championships leads to a debate about just who should be involved.

When the BCS around it was just too little with only two teams being placed into the final game.

The CFP came to make teams earn their way into that final game by allowing four teams into the playoff.

That has still not been good enough for many as they wanted to bring eight teams in after only a few years under the new system.

That argument is far from the only one though as this year for many proved that the committee got everything wrong.

The Tide and the Tigers were always going to be at the top but it was the other two teams that seemed to provide the controversy.

Notre Dame and Oklahoma found their way to the playoff but neither could make much of a run at the title.

They both suffered major defeats at the hands of Clemson and Alabama with important games being anything but entertaining.

For many, that was a clear sign that the decision to include both Notre Dame and Oklahoma in the playoff.

For them, the Georgia Bulldogs and the Ohio State Buckeyes belonged in the playoff as they would give the top teams a tougher test.

The reality of the matter is that it might not have mattered who was in the playoff as Alabama and Clemson are playing at a different level.

They are clearly the best teams in the country and although Georgia and Ohio State might have had a betters hot this was always the most likely matchup.

It will be the fourth time in four years that both teams have played against each other in the playoff with Alabama taking two of those games.

The Tide are bringing in a new team though as the program known for old-school football is far from old school.

They were once a team willing to run the ball and depend on their defence to win games but now their offence is leading the way.

With Tua Tagovailoa leading the offence the Tide have one of the most explosive offences in their history.football-sidebar

Along with a good defence and their usual run game they were an obvious choice to be the best team in the country.

Clemson will look to shut that offence down with their devastating defensive line that is among the best ever assembled.

That line is full of NFL talent although the remain without Dexter Lawrence once of their biggest contributors.

That line is the driving force for this team while their running game is one of the most explosive in the country behind Travis Etienne.

The Tigers will also lean on Trevor Lawrence as the freshman quarterback will enter the biggest game of his life with little to no experience.

Although these teams have been at the top of the heap for a while now they are both very different heading into this year’s final.

It has been the tale of the CFP so far as Clemson and Alabama are the two dominant programs of the era.

The next chapter will be written as either the Tide or the Tigers will take another title to remain one of the best in the country.

It will not be the most exciting end as the promise that the CFP had of bringing more champions has gone away.

In the end, though this is about the best teams facing each other and that is what will happen for another year in the National Championship Game.


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