2019 NFL Playoff Preview

playoffpreviewThe NFL playoffs are here and the season is giving way to the most important games of the year after an interesting season.

The regular season was full of great stories with teams coming back from the basement to give some hope and other teams took off from the start.

This year’s playoffs are going to be defined by the latter of those two storylines throughout the season as a few teams are heading into the playoffs with some heavy expectations.

It was a strange year for the simple fact that there seemed to be more dominant teams than ever before.

It wasn’t just that one team was running through the league it was the sight of multiple teams doing exactly that.

Usually, the regular season will start with a few teams looking great and staying undefeated until they eventually lose a game.

More often than not one team emerges as the only undefeated team until they eventually suffer a loss.

That team is always considered one of the best as they usually end up in the playoffs with only a few losses on their record.

This year that team was the Los Angeles Rams as they were an undefeated team through week 8 until they met the New Orleans Saints.

Even after the loss the Rams only lost two more games for a total of three losses all season making them one of the best teams in the league.

That type of season is usually going to mean a first place finish and home field throughout the playoffs.

That isn’t quite what happened though as the one team to go undefeated the longest did not end up as the best team in the league.

Instead, it was the team that handed the Rams their first loss who snuck above them in the standings.

The Saints’ season didn’t start off well as they took a loss to Tampa Bay in Week 1 leading to some serious doubt about their chances this season.

New Orleans recovered well winning ten straight games after that Week 1 loss and vaulting themselves to the top.

Lie the Rams, The Saints only lost three games all year and because of their win over the Rams, they were able to take the top spot.

The AFC wasn’t entirely out of the battle either though as teams rose through to an impressive regular season.

The Kansas City Chiefs were one of them with a potent offence that the NFL has rarely seen and as a result, they ended the long reign of the Patriots at the top of the AFC.football-sidebar

If it wasn’t for the greatness of the Chiefs the Chargers would have done the same with both teams finishing with 4 losses on the year.

These four teams make up the power in the playoffs despite the fact that the Chargers will be a wild card team.

They aren’t the only interesting teams though as the Houston Texans and Dallas Cowboys have been impressive at the end of the season.

Meanwhile, the Chicago Bears have not been perfect but likely bring the best defence in the league into the playoffs.

Then there are the experienced teams in defending champion Philadelphia and perennial contenders in New England.

Both Seattle and Baltimore have had their own long history with the playoffs giving them a leg up on some of the younger groups like Indianapolis.

This year it seems like an easy choice to figure out who will win and how well they will play after great regular seasons.

If past years have shown anything though it is that there is nothing guaranteed and that any team can win in these important games.

This year could be no different as there are some very good teams but all it takes is one bad game to end their run.

They will be looking to avoid that this time around as the Rams, Saints, Chiefs and Chargers all come into the playoffs looking impressive.

If they can’t find their way to the Super Bowl it will be a disappointment but there are teams who have the team to launch an upset and change everything.


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