2019 World Juniors Report (Day 5)

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Day 5 in the World Juniors was a fairly quiet day as two games highlighted the day and neither was going to be the biggest challenge.

The day went through without much of a challenge and not much changed thanks to the results of the games.

That is because the next day, the final in the group stage, is always left to be the most important of the group stage.

It is the way that the tournament is set up as the biggest games are always scheduled for the final day as it puts some importance on those final games.

There is no guarantee that these games become that important as anything can happen but more often than not these final games determine the outcome of the groups.

In Group B things didn’t quite work out the way that many thought as the Americans and Finns did not get off to the start they wanted.

Both were set up for the final game of the group on New Year’s Eve but that game won’t be the most meaningful.

Finland lost to the Swedes in their opening game of the tournament while the Americans took an overtime loss to Sweden in Day 4.

With both of the major players taking losses, the Group was Sweden’s to win and their final game would be against Kazakhstan.

Barring a major upset it seems likely that Sweden will take the group and get the best matchup against Group A.

The final game was going to be Finland and the USA and although it won’t be for the top spot it will be for a better matchup.

It could be the more important game anyway as the loser will need to face one of the top two teams in Group A while the winner faces the bottom two.

The difference between those top two teams and the bottom two teams is a pretty big one so getting that favourable matchup is a big deal.

Finland and USA have a chance to finish second in the group and they will face off with the winner getting that second place spot and the better matchup.

In Group A that matchup is still up for debate as the top spot in the group will come down to the final game.

It will be a classic as well with two teams that are used to facing each other in big situations.

That is why both were set to have their final game against each other because when they face off it is always a good game.hockey-sidebar

It might not always be for something important but when Canada and Russia are on the ice there will usually be something special.

They are two of the biggest hockey rivals in the world as they are two of the best teams and have been two of the best teams for a very long time.

If there was any team to rival the dominance of Canada in this tournament it would be the Russians.

They haven’t always been #1 and #2 as there have been off times but when both teams are together they are usually playing for something important.

They are playing for it once again this year as both teams head into New Year’s Eve with a chance at first place in the group.

Neither have been beaten so far and so their final game will be the determining factor for the group.

That is what the plan always was for this tournament as the Russians and the Canadians were set up to fight for Group A and they have come through exactly as expected.

It has set up the all-important New Year’s Eve games that are meant to cap off the group stage in a big way.

That is what is facing these teams now as they head towards the end of this group stage looking to find their way to the playoffs.

That is where they face the unusual in hockey as they will need to take ins in single elimination games where the pressure is really on.

A lot needs to be solved on New Year’s Eve though as Day 5 is essentially a warmup to the main day where the competition only gets better and the importance of every game becomes that much more important.

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