NCAA Football Report (Army-Navy Week)

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It was the official end to the season as Army and Navy faced off in the traditional final game of the regular season.

The final game is a big one every year as two of the biggest service schools face off in a long-standing tradition.

It is also the only week where the biggest names in football are not in action and when things begin to wrap up.

That wrap-up includes the handing out of the yearly awards to determine the best players in the country.

The biggest of them all is the Heisman Trophy, handed out to the best player in college football.

It is a legendary award given out to some of the biggest names to ever play in college football and some of the biggest to ever play football.

This year was an interesting race as it all started with running backs taking the focus before the season began.

A handful of rushers were looking like easy choices if they could find their way to the top of the league.

Jonathan Taylor and Bryce Love were about to change things and become only the second running back in the last eight years to win the Heisman.

Neither could do it though as they struggled to start the season and dropped off pretty quickly.

In their place were two rising stars in the game in Tua Tagovailoa and Kyler Murray, young quarterbacks guiding their teams to some pretty great seasons.

Tagovailoa had a bit of a head start as he came into the season known for leading the Tide to a spectacular win in the National Championship.

After playing backup most of the year he came into the game in the second half to help them climb back and threw a last-second touchdown in the fourth to win the game.

Although he was not the immediate starter this year, entering training camp he was in a battle with Jalen Hurts.

He took the job and went about leading the Tide to another #1 finish in the final CFP rankings as they will enter the playoff as the favourites for another year.

His ability forced Nick Saban to adjust and open up the playbook more as his athleticism allowed them to do more but his arm strength kept teams guessing.

The Tide had a more potent offence than usual relying more on the passing game than the running game.

Still, Tagovailoa had a different level of talent around him thanks to the recruiting of Saban giving him plenty of weapons.

He didn’t have to do it all himself but it sure helped that he was leading the charge for the team.

Thanks to the greatness of his team he immediately rose to the top of the rankings with most believing that he just needed to stay consistent to win the

Then came Kyler Murray who was under a spotlight this year as Oklahoma’s new starter after Baker Mayfield graduated and went to the NFL.

He was going to have some big shoes to fill and throughout the season he did a good job of filling those shoes.

His dual-threat ability had many comparing him to the QB he replaced although his ability in the pocket might be better.

He took over games and although he had talent around him that talent was nowhere near the same level of Alabama.

Murray had multiple games where he was the biggest name on the field taking over and doing everything himself.

He had a great year but did suffer a blemish in the loss to Texas for the Red River Rivalry, one of the more important games of the year.

It was going to be an undefeated starter from the monster program against a starter who had to do more but from a program that just snuck into the playoff.

This week the voters had to make that decision and in the end, they choose the QB who did it all himself on more than one occasion.

Murray took home the Heisman giving Oklahoma two straight Heisman winning quarterbacks after Mayfield won a year ago.

This is where the story will get more interesting though as Murray has already been drafted by the Oakland Athletics and has a lot of potential in baseball.

He has been asked about what his path will look like and although he has stated that he would like to play both he seems to be leaning towards baseball.

Whether or not he enters the NFL draft will be a major indicator as he looks for a career in professional sports and has options.

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