NCAA Football Report (Championship Week)

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Although the College Football Playoff has its issues there is little doubt that it provides a lot more interesting in the final few weeks.

During rivalry week, teams face their most interesting opponents as rivalries are always interesting.

Those games can provide some of the biggest upsets of the year as nobody knows what can happen when two rivals get together.

This year, rivalry week provided some interesting games as a few teams struggled to get past teams that they were supposed to easily get by.

The biggest upset of the week shook up the top four in the CFP rankings as the Michigan Wolverines weren’t able to beat the Ohio State Buckeyes.

That loss left an opening in the top four of the ranking that was then filled by the Georgia Bulldogs.

That change from rivalry week set up an interesting final week of the season as the College Football playoff was going to come down to who could win a championship.

Rivalry week gave way to championship week which was going to provide plenty to debate when all of the dust settled.

Alabama was going to take on Georgia in the SEC Championship, pitting two teams from the top four against each other.

It was built as a quarter-final game as the winner was going to be in the playoff but the loser wasn’t necessarily out.

If Georgia lost badly they would be bumped down but if they won they would be in and the Tide would not likely fall out of the top four even if they fell down.

If the Bulldogs put up a good fight but lost they could still see that #4 spot proving that they are at least as good as the best team in the country.

It was going to be an important game but it wasn’t going to be the only one as the Clemson Tigers needed to win the ACC to keep their spot locked up.

Meanwhile, the Oklahoma Sooners and Ohio State Buckeyes were going to need to win their own title games to have a shot.

Both were sitting just outside and without a championship neither would have a shot at the playoff.

They would need some help too though as Georgia needed to lose to give either a chance at the #4 spot.

Among all of this was Notre Dame who remains an independent and therefore doesn’t have a championship to play for.

They were going to have to sit there and watch the championship games unfold to determine their fate with a shot of their 12-0 season going to waste.

It was an interesting weekend as the Sooners were able to take the Big 12 title against Texas and Ohio State beat Northwestern for the Big Ten championship.

Both did their job while Clemson had a pretty easy time with Pittsburgh to take the ACC title and make their spot an easy decision.

The interesting game was in Atlanta where Alabama met Georgia, the team they met in the 2017 National Championship and only won after a last-second touchdown pass.

The Bulldogs gave the Tide everything they could handle but in the end, it was the Tide who were able to come out on top.

It left for a strong debate though as the committee was going to have to decide whether or not Georgia deserved to be in based on their play against

They had given the best team in the country their toughest challenge and given another shot it could come out differently.

Nobody will get to see that shot though as the loss to the Tide was enough to put them out of the top four in the final rankings.

A day after championships were handed out the committee came up with their final decision and Georgia was not a part of it.

Instead, Alabama and Clemson remained on top of the heap, as was expected with the Tide taking the #1 spot and Clemson coming in at #2.

The Fighting Irish were able to keep their spot despite no championship game as they came in at #3 and will get their chance to play for their first National Championship since 1988.

They will take on the Tigers in the Cotton Bowl on December 29 with an undefeated legendary team taking on a powerhouse.

In the final spot where the biggest debate was taking place, the Oklahoma Sooners were given their shot.

The powerful offence was able to get through a season relatively unscathed but now will take on Alabama in the Orange Bowl.

A season of fighting for the chance has now led to four teams who will play on December 29 to determine the National Championship.

It was an interesting debate the entire time and now that attention turns to who can actually take the title this year.

The powerhouses are favourites as Clemson and Alabama could be headed for their third title game against each other.

On the other side are the other schools who are not going to be given much of a shot as the new-age offence from the Big 12 and the lone independent try to shock the world.



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