TUF 28 Finale Preview

DqZBid_W4AAEeTJThe Ultimate Fighter continues to be a part of the UFC plans especially into their new deal with ESPN.

It is a show that has been so important for the UFC in building them up to the point where they are now.

The show is also a main feeder for the UFC allowing people to get to know these fighters before they enter the UFC.

At the same time, the show has been on the decline over the last few seasons with less and less interest in the fighters coming through.

A part of that is the fact that the UFC has had two seasons every year for the last number of years making it hard to care that much.

Also, that style of the show is not necessarily the most popular right now, at least not like it was when the series initially launched.

The UFC continues to try to put things together to increase the interest in the show but it has rarely had an effect.

The latest iteration of the show came in the form of the two heaviest weight classes in the promotion.

It is a clear attempt by the UFC to bring some more young talent into the heavyweight division and build the newest women’s division.

The heavyweight division is still dominated by the old guard and although young talent is beginning to make an impact the UFC looked to the show to bring another young star into the fold.

That new addition will come after the finale fight between Justin Frazier and Juan Espino who found their way through the tournament and into the final.

The women’s featherweight division is one of the newest in the UFC and to build that roster up the UFC looked to the show.

Only one will get the big contract though and that will come down to the finale between Pannie Kianzad and Macy Chiasson.

These two fights will be another attempt to build more personalities in each division while others on the show will get their shot to become a UFC fighter on other fights throughout the card.

The show has always been a way to bring new talent to the promotion and despite the lack of popularity, the UFC continues on with a cornerstone of their growth.

A new deal with ESPN will give them another place to hold the show and although they aren’t likely to do it as often there seems to be no end in sight despite earlier reports of this being the last season.mma-sidebar.fw

For the first time in a long time though The Finale card will be highlighted by a truly important fight.

Often the focus is on the new fighters being added to the roster but this time around the focus will be on two rising fighters in the toughest division in the promotion.

Rafael Dos Anjos and Kamaru Usman are both making waves in the welterweight division, a division full of talent.

Dos Anjos is finding a second life in his new division as the former lightweight champion took three straight wins in his first three fights before he lost to Colby Covington in his last fight.

He was once considered to be an unbeatable lightweight champion who was going to rule the division for years to come.

That was until the new wave of amazing talent came up in Eddie Alvarez, who took the title, and Tony Ferguson, who forced him to rethink his time in the division.

He moved on to a heavier weight and since that time has been successful, making his way to a title shot, although he was stopped by Covington.

Meanwhile, Usman has won his last 14 fights including ten wins in the UFC and yet he can never quite get the attention he deserves.

Despite his winning streak, he has not been given a lot of respect in the division as one of the best and that is largely because not many people want to fight him.

He is dangerous and although no fighter is scared, they certainly don’t want to take a harder path to the title.

After Dos Anjos’ loss he needs to get back and so he took the fight against Usman as Usman tries to add a former champion to his list of wins.

Although the UFC will be adding two new fighters to their roster they will also be looking to highlight an important fight between contenders in the welterweight division.

It will take a lot more focus as the TUF Finale card will feature an important fight that could make a massive difference in the title race for the first time in a long time.


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