Wednesday Morning QB (Week 9)

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The Dallas Cowboys have long had the moniker of being America’s Team as the biggest name in the league.

During the 1990s they were the team that everyone knew regardless of where you lived and how much football you watched.

That infamous star on the helmet was everywhere and the Cowboy brand was the biggest in the sports world.

That was when they had the triplets, an offence based on three Hall of Famers including quarterback Troy Aikman, running back Emmitt Smith and receiver Michael Irving.

Those three stars lifted the Cowboys to stardom winning championships and making the Cowboys the most watched team in the NFL.

They had become the favourite team of anyone just starting to watch Dallas at a time when TV only had a few games on a week.

Dallas was the team that was on during those times because they had the demand and for years they were at the top of the mountain.

As they became the most watched team the expectations rose and since that time the Cowboys have been one of the more criticized teams in the league.

Every year they are still the team that a lot of people watch and a lot of people wonder if they can get back to the glory days.

It has been a long time since the Cowboys were able to take a Super Bowl and every year there are a lot of people wondering if this can be the season when they get back.

There have been a lot of iterations with some success and some failure but never the ultimate prize.

Recently it looked like things were going to be different as the Cowboys had brought together the closest thing they had to the Triplets 2.0.

They had one of the best receivers in the game in Dez Bryant who was a physical force in the passing game.

They had drafted the future of their running game in Ezekiel Elliott and found a gem at quarterback in Dak Prescott.

Things were looking up with a veteran on the outside and two young talented players in the middle.

It was going to lead to success as they were slowly building something and the Cowboys were going to be there to potentially take their shot at a Super

That has yet to come to fruition though as the Cowboys have struggled to meet the potential they seemed to have.

They cut Bryant during this offseason and so far Prescott and Elliott have not been the stars that they have needed.

Everything points to another rebuild in Dallas as the team has not looked great and changes might be needed.

This week the Cowboys hit a low when they were on display for everyone to see on Monday Night Football.

They came out well but fell apart as the game went on eventually losing to the Tennessee Titans.

That loss was their fifth this season giving them a 3-5 season and hurting their hopes of making the playoffs.

With half of the season gone they still have a shot at the playoffs but things will need to change for them.

Despite the call for something to change before its too late the Cowboys seem to be ready to ride this one out.

Jerry Jones has said that he will not be firing Jason Garrett as the head coach and that they are ready to extend the contract of Prescott.

The pressure is mounting for something to happen especially after their performance on Monday night.

The Cowboys remain one of the most watched teams in the NFL and everything they do makes headlines.

As they struggle to find some type of groove the entire league is looking to them to see what they will do if anything to restore their glory.


Fifth Quarter

Fortnite Revolution

Fortnite has been one of the most influential games ever made in terms of the cultural effect it has had around the world. The video game is one of the most popular and the dances in the game have made their way throughout every social media site on the planet. The NFL wants a piece of that and they figured out how as they came up with a deal to get in on the action. Fortnite will soon have player skins representing every team in the NFL. It is a deal that is showing the power of this video with the biggest league now in partnership with the biggest game in the world. It also shows that the NFL is willing to go anywhere in order to get their name out there and continue to grow.

Pitching for a Team

 Amid the need and want for expansion by multiple leagues, the NFL has never really gone into serious discussions about adding more teams or for that matter moving any more teams to new cities. There have been rumours about the move to London but beyond that not much talk about a possible expansion upcoming. That didn’t stop the mayor of San Antonio from pitching for a team as he stated that San Antonio will get a team by 2028. The home to the Spurs of the NBA has claimed that they will be a destination for the NFL ten years from now but what team will move or whether or not the NFL will need to expand is the big question that will need to be answered regardless of whether San Antonio is ready or not.

Holdout Over?

Le’Veon Bell has still yet to play a down of football this year and with the trade deadline passing and him remaining a Steeler. That leaves both him and the Steelers in a strange spot as he has until November 14 to show up to the Steelers facility. If he does not report he will not be allowed to play this season as the NFL will not certify his contract while the Steelers will tag him with the transition tag allowing them to pay him far less than his franchise tag which is at the centre of the entire holdout. This week Bell tweeted out a farewell to Miami, his offseason residence, leaving some to believe he is headed back to Pittsburgh. Next Wednesday is his deadline as he will need to weight sitting for an entire year or making his point.

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