Skill over Power

ufcc-230Power has always been king in the fight game but nowhere has power been more glorified than in the heavyweight division.

Heavyweights are the biggest and baddest fighters in the sport as they are the fighters who can end a fight with one punch.

That is what has defined the heavyweight division in any combat sport, their ability to knock the other fighter out.

That has always been the case and in the UFC there is no difference as the heavyweight division has been defined by power.

That is the big reason why the longest reigning champion in the division was Stipe Miocic who defended his belt five times.

In most other divisions the longest reign stretches through years and years while the title defences total closer to two fights.

That is not the case in the heavyweight division because the power makes things so unpredictable.

There isn’t a fighter in the heavyweight division that doesn’t have that knockout power whether it be from one big punch or their ability to find space to land the best punch.

That s what got Derrick Lewis to the title shot at UFC 230 as he was the one with the power that could make things interesting.

Lewis is not what most would consider to be a great all-around fighter as his cardio is severely lacking and he has never shown much of a ground game.

Yet in the heavyweight division that isn’t something that is really needed as there are good wrestlers but when someone with the power of these fighters connects it can end quickly.

That is what Lewis did bring as he had the power to end a fight with one swing which is what he did only a month ago.

Despite his difficulty in actually getting off of the stool to meet the bell thanks to his cardio issues, Lewis still ended his most recent fight.

He landed a big right hand in the third round for a spectacular knockout against Alexander Volkov.

That knockout was enough to challenge the heavyweight champion as Lewis got the call to face Daniel Cormier.

When entering the fight it was clear that Cormier, the light heavyweight champion and heavyweight champion, was going to be the smaller fighter.

That was going to be the challenge for the champion as he was going to go against a much bigger opponent with a different level of power.

This fight was going to prove once and for all whether or not power can overcome skill in the heavyweight division.

Cormier brought some of his own power as a heavyweight but he also brought a different level of skill.

Cormier is the best wrestler on the UFC roster as a former Team USA alternate and he has shown it in his fights.

He has been able to control some very good fighters and even though it might not be the most exciting it gets Cormier the wins he needs to be a two-division champion.

Heading into this fight he was the one with the bigger toolbox but even with a bigger toolbox, there was that possibility.

At any point in the fight, Lewis could reach back and land a big shot and keep the tradition of the heavyweight division

Although entirely outmatched in terms of the level of fighter Lewis had a shot to take the heavyweight title.

That is why the fight saw Cormier immediately look for the takedown from the opening bell.

There was never a chance that Cormier, despite his newfound power at heavyweight, was going to trade with Lewis.

The champion took the fight to the ground and showed off exactly why he is considered the best wrestler in the UFC.

He controlled Lewis from the opening bell with the challenger having no chance to get to where he was comfortable.

It was only going to lead to one place as the fight was going to move on with Lewis getting more tired and eventually not providing any resistance.

Before that could happen though, Cormier was able to lock in a rear-naked choke in the second round forcing Lewis to tap.

The power of Lewis had no effect on the fight as he never got to use it thanks to the all-around skills of Cormier.

Lewis will go back to the drawing board looking to improve his toolbox and make another run towards the title.

For Cormier, the retirement date is coming quickly and his next one will likely be his biggest when he faces another powerful fighter in Brock Lesnar.



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