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The Los Angeles Dodgers had a shot in their second World Series in as many years as they were a team built for this part of the season.

They could have seen some great performances from pitchers and saw their hitters come alive to give the Boston Red Sox a real challenge.

If they could have done that the Dodgers could have finally broken the drought and took their first title since 1988.

Unfortunately for the Dodgers, they ended their season in the same way they had a year before, coming up just short.

The worst part about both of those World Series losses is that fact that they came with little that the Dodgers could really do.

Of course, they had a shot in both of the last two World Series but at the end of the day there were taking on two of the best teams in baseball.

Last year it was the Houston Astros who looked unstoppable almost all year and proved to be unstoppable with their first World Series win.

This year it was the best Boston Red Sox team possibly ever, and that is saying a lot for a team with a history like the Red Sox.

This year they were expected to do big things as their 2017 season showed how quickly they could rebuild.

They struggled in 2016 but thanks to a group of young players showed themselves to be contenders in 2017.

With another year under the belt of these young players, the Red Sox were expected to be good but nobody saw the resurgence of J.D. Martinez and the ageless season of Chris Sale.

Those two key improvements plus the young core players had the Red Sox running through the league.

They became the first team in the 118-year history of the Red Sox to win 108 games in a season and rocketed to the top of the standings.

They were relatively unchallenged as they never really saw much of a struggle throughout the year and their closest competitors had the usual downturn.

They were able to easily walk away with the AL East and marched through the postseason only getting a minimum challenge from some teams.

It was too easy for the Red Sox this year and when they entered the World Series a lot of people believed the Dodgers could give them that run.

It turned out that the World Series was just as easy for a team built well at every position as they received almost no challenge from the Dodgers.

They took a commanding 2-0 lead in the series beating the Dodgers in both games in Boston and only lost Game 3 after 18 innings of fighting for the win.

That would be their toughest game of the season as the offence went cold and the pitchers ran out as the game wore on.

It was the longest game in World Series history and the Red Sox took the loss going through all of that to let the Dodgers back into the Series.

For the Dodgers Game, 3 should have been the spark to bring them back into the fight as they had made it a series

The Dodgers couldn’t find it though and in Game 4 the Red Sox won another easy game to take the lead and all but clinch the series.

Game 5 went similarly despite the Dodgers bringing out Clayton Kershaw to starts as the Red Sox showed their offensive muscle again.

They took the game and the series only losing three games throughout the postseason and proving to be the best team.

For the Dodgers, it was another unfortunate matchup against a team that had everything throughout the season and the postseason.

The Red Sox had an offence that could do just about everything and a number of pitchers who could shut down the Dodgers’ offence.

Los Angeles now has to think about what the future holds as that window to compete is going to close soon and their star pitcher might not be there next year.

For the Red Sox, this could be the start of something special as they are still a young team with a lot of firepower.

Their pitching is getting up there but with an offence, like they have the pitching doesn’t need to be stellar.

This could be the beginning of a dynasty but they will take the time to celebrate and then refocus on a repeat bid.

The Astros couldn’t pull it off after a similar season a year ago and now the Red Sox will make their attempt as baseball returns in the Spring with everyone gunning for the champs.


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