NCAA Football Report (Week 8)

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The weeks are ticking down until the season is officially over the final rankings are revealed to provide the path towards the National Championship.

As the weeks count down the games get tougher for every team and as the games get tougher things get a lot more interesting.

At the beginning of the year the top teams are generally agreed upon but as the season goes on the debate gets more intense.

That debate only heats up when the games begin to mean a lot more and conference play throws a wrench into the plans of certain programs.

Conference games can be the toughest that top teams play all year and as they head into the conference part of the year every game becomes a chance to prove something to everyone.

These teams are all used to each other too and they will constantly put up a bigger fight every single game.

In Week 8, conference play took its first victim and it is going to have a major impact on the NCAA.

The Ohio State Buckeyes have been one of the best teams over the last few years and are always in the running.

They came into Week 8 as the second-best team in the country right behind Alabama and seemed like they had a pretty good shot at the playoffs.

The biggest challenges were likely going to come at the end of the season when they play Michigan on rivalry week.

Nobody thought much of their next few games as they weren’t going to take the best teams as Purdue, Nebraska, Michigan State and Maryland weren’t playing the best football.

Yet like always seems to happen just when an upset isn’t expected that is when an upset is going to happen.

The Buckeyes just didn’t seem ready to compete with the Boilermakers as they not only lost but they lost in a big way.

Purdue was not a ranked team and yet they were able to put up 49 points against the Buckeyes who only managed 20 of their own.

The game wasn’t just an upset it was a statement by the Boilermakers but one that will likely fall on deaf ears.

Purdue didn’t end up being ranked after their big win and they won’t be making a charge through the rankings to end the

Where it will effect though is right at the top of the rankings where the Buckeyes dropped out of the top four in the AP rankings.

Ohio State fell out of the top ten ranking 11 after their loss giving them a tough run back to the top of the rankings.

That is where the debate comes in though as the College Football Playoff rankings are not beholden to the AP rankings.

They take them into account as the committee recognizes those rankings but in the end, they have the final say.

More often than not teams at the top have to have an almost perfect season to get into the top four of the rankings.

As the years have moved on there is a little more leniency as teams have been able to find their way to the top four in the rankings.

The Buckeyes could very well find their way back when the CFP rankings officially come out in two weeks.

They could be closer to the top four when the first rankings come out and if they are within the top ten they could get back.

Beating Michigan in the last game of the year could put them there as well as winning the Big Ten Championship.

There is no guarantee though as the big games are just beginning with plenty more to come.

Ohio State will have a lot of work to do now if they want to get back and compete for the playoff.

The biggest problem for them will be the fact that they didn’t just lose to an unranked team, they were completely outplayed.

The fact that they lost so bad is going to give people something to debate as a loss to a great team can be forgiven but a bad loss to any team is tough to overcome.

That debate will continue throughout the rest of the season as the Buckeyes try to recover while everyone else attempts to take their spot and earn a playoff berth.


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