Wednesday Morning QB (Week 6)

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A week after Drew Brees threw his name into the running for the best of all time becoming the all-time leading passer in the NFL, two of the best of the era stepped up to show why they are considered once in a lifetime QBs.

Every generation and every era has its own group of great players that are the best of the era and with the evolution of players, they tend to be better than the previous era stars.

There will always be great players that set the bar to a new level like Brees but in this era, there are really only two players that take the headlines.

There is no question that quarterbacks are the ones who have taken over these past few years and the debate about the best one will be constant.

As the passing game continues to evolve the quarterbacks are just getting better making it tougher to figure out who is the best.

There are the easy things to look at as stats and winning are the things that everyone will look at immediately to determine who is better.

There are other factors though as a quarterback can be great but not win a lot, look at Peyton Manning, or have none of the stats but win Super Bowls, see Trent Dilfer.

There are a lot of things that go into a QB being considered the best and beginning the 2018 season there were two standing out among the rest.

Although the league is excited to see a new crop of young stars beginning to take over there are still two quarterbacks who lead the pack as the two QBs who everyone looks to as leaders.

One is Tom Brady who is widely considered the greatest of all time largely due to the fact that he is the winningest QB ever.

With 5 Super Bowls, there is no other QB that even comes close to winning as much as he has in his time in the league.

Coming from a 6th round pick to become a quarterback who is consistently in the limelight and almost always has a chance at winning another Super Bowl.

One of the biggest parts of his success has been his consistency to be one of the top passers into his 40s but this year things weren’t looking so great.

Everyone was wondering when it was going to be over and through the first five weeks, the Patriots didn’t look like the Patriots.

They were good but not as good as everyone thought and they were going to take on a team that everyone thought was going to unseat them this year.

The Kansas City Chiefs were being led by a new generation QB in Patrick Mahomes who is on his way to an MVP season in his first year as a starter.

It was built almost as a passing of the torch moment but behind 341 yards from Brady the Patriots took the win and claimed their spot at the top.

It was a moment for Brady to show that nobody can write him off as the best QB in the league just yet.

The next night the only QB currently playing that could challenge Brady for being the best in the league took centre

Aaron Rodgers has not had the success that Brady has had only taken one Super Bowl win but there is something about what he can do that makes people think of him as the best.

Whereas Brady has been playing as a part of an almost unbeatable system, that he makes his own, Rodgers hasn’t had the same consistency around him.

He has the ability to make plays out of the pocket unlike Brady and is consistently one of the best in the league despite the injuries that have made him less of a QB.

Even with injuries, he seems to be one of the best in the league leaving some to wonder how good he could be if healthy every season.

The thing that makes him even more special is that with the game on the line and massive odds against him, Rodgers seems to find a way to win.

He already did it in Week 1 leading a comeback against the Bears but this week he did it on a big night.

Despite a knee injury that kept him limited, Rodgers was able to lead the Packers to a game-tying drive with time ticking down.

As time began to run out he once again led the Packers down the field to set up a game-winning field goal.

It is becoming commonplace for Rodgers to lead these drastic comebacks and when the game is on the line there may not be another player you want under centre.

This week Brady proved that he is far from done taking out a top contender in the AFC while Rodgers continued to be the greatest clutch QB possibly of all time.

With Brees continuing to pad his stats and QBs like Mahomes, Carson Wentz and Jared Goff beginning to take over there have never been a better time for QBs.

The hardest part might just be figuring who is the best because everyone seems to have an argument for or against although two stand out, especially after Week 6.


Fifth Quarter

Dismantling Begins?

The Oakland Raiders were a team to watch only a few years ago as they had a young quarterback and a group of young stars ready to begin making a run. They seemed to always run into an issue though as Derek Carr would go down at the worst times either ending their run in the or to the playoffs. It was always an issue as the Raiders were a good team that just needed to put things together. That was supposed to come this year when Jon Gruden returned to the sideline to take over the Raiders. A new coach with a penchant for developing QBs was ready to take this team to the playoffs and potentially a deep run. After trading their best defensive player and struggling out of the gate the Raiders seem to be headed in a different direction apparently ready to trade Amari Cooper in what would be the beginning of a rebuild.

Another Ugly Chapter

The rivalry between the Cincinnati Bengals and the Pittsburgh Steelers has been one of the best and the worst over the last few years. The games have been full of dirty plays and players coming to blows. There is no love lost between any of the players and meeting twice a year only seems to make the tensions greater. This week saw the Bengals and Steelers face for the first time this year after two games last year that saw a lot of questionable hits. This first game followed that pattern with familiar players as Vontaze Burfict seemed to purposefully elbow Antonio Brown coming across the middle of the field. Burfict is no stranger to these hits and Brown has been on the end of them which could lead to some time off for Burfict.

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