U Sports Football Report (Week 8)


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October is the last month of the U Sports season as through the halfway point of the year the regular season is coming to an end.

In the OUA that means there is only a week left for the season and in the other conferences, the count is down to two weeks left.

As the season comes to a close the playoffs begin to take shape but for much of the conferences, there is still a lot up in the air.

The top of each conference is essentially figured out with top teams solidifying their spot at the top of their respective conferences.

What is shaping up below these top teams are looking like an amazing rush to the finish as two weeks will hold the key for most of the teams in the country.

With only a week left in the season, the Western Mustangs have sewed up their spot at the top of the conference.

Two points ahead of their closest rival they are ready to host the semi-finals as they await their opponent.

Ottawa and Carleton are right behind them with a playoff spot each and both looking to take a win their final game to earn a semi-final spot.

The bigger battle is shaping up in the bottom of the playoff rankings as there are four teams tied with eight points all sitting in the playoffs right now.

Then there is Queens sitting right behind that group of teams with six points all of them could be in our out of the playoffs after next week.

With the top six teams getting spots there are only three spots left and five teams with a shot at taking them.

It will come down to some very important games in the final week of the season as every one of the teams in the running has a shot and needs a win.

Waterloo and Guelph will play each other with the winner likely getting a spot in the playoffs while the loser risking elimination.

Laurier will have the toughest path taking on Western in their final week needing a win against the best team in the province to stay in position to make the playoffs.

The Marauders might have the easiest path taking on the Windsor Lancers who have only been able to win one game all year.

Meanwhile, Queen’s takes on the Gee Gees in another tough battle that they need to win just to have a chance as they are sitting on the outside looking in two points behind everyone else.

This last week is going to be an interesting one for the OUA with so much on the line and not a lot figure out in the biggest conference in the country.

They won’t be the only conference to see some action at the end of the season though as the rest of the conferences are still trying to figure things out.

In the east coast, the smallest conference has a lot up for grab with only the Saint Mary’s Huskies securing a spot by taking the conference title.

StFX, Acadia and Mount Allison all have two games left and any could find themselves in the top three while one will be eliminated.

There will be a lot on the line in the next two weeks as any game could sink a season or end that season.football-sidebar

The same can be said in Quebec where Montreal and Laval are awaiting their opponents for the playoffs.

McGill, Concordia and Sherbrooke could all take those last two spots in the playoffs behind the big teams.

They will look to try to get their way to the playoffs with two games left in the season and a lot to play for.

The West took a while to figure out as the Calgary Dinos only found their way to the top spot this week earning just enough to clinch the conference.

There will be a bigger battle below them with Alberta, UBC and Manitoba all tied with six points each in the other playoff spots.

The Alberta Golden Bears are right behind them with four points and with two weeks left there is time for the Bears to knock any of the other teams out of the playoffs altogether.

There is no conference heading into the final week or weeks of their season that has everything figured out.

This will essentially create playoff football until the Vanier Cup is handed out in November.

There are no games that can be taken off for any team as they look to get their spots and begin their run towards the national stage.

For the top teams, these last weeks are simply about getting ready to play the most important games and they can’t falter.

For everyone else, these next games are going to be the most important of the season with a lot left to play for as the season winds down.

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