NCAA Football Report (Week 7)

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The NCAA season is getting to the most important time f the year as the College Football Playoff rankings are coming and with them comes conference play.

Teams have the freedom in the NCAA to schedule games on their own which is what makes the league so unique.

They aren’t beholden to their own divisions as they get the chance to play against the best teams in the country.

They have the chance to cross over divisions and play the biggest teams on the biggest stages.

It gives teams a chance to show that they can be the best team in the country by beating those teams that are supposed to be great.

The freedom to schedule also give some special games between big programs that rarely get to see each other.

For some, it allows for rivalries to build that are entirely separate from each other giving rise to some legendary games.

Unfortunately, that freedom hasn’t necessarily led to great games all of the time as some bigger programs tend to schedule smaller schools.

These big programs have no reason to schedule great teams on their free weeks and it is largely due to their conferences.

When a program has a conference that is full of big programs they often don’t have to schedule big teams.

Instead, they go for smaller schools that really don’t put up much of a fight when they play the bigger schools.

It has led to a lot of one-sided games and not a lot of entertainment as there may be an upset every now and then the reality is that the big schools are expected to win.

It is one of the downfalls of the league as teams like Alabama have yet to really face anyone that can test them.

Yet the Tide are still the best team in the country and a lot of that has to do with the conference that they play in.

Although they have yet to face anyone truly challenging they are a part of the best conference in football.

The SEC remains a conference with some of the top teams and although they are not as dominant as they used to be they still have some of the best teams in the country.

Alabama has been the king of that conference for years and so they often get the benefit of the doubt when it comes to being the top

Then again it will all come down to the next month of games as this is the time when teams like Alabama can no longer choose who they play.

All of those big programs taking what essentially amounts to a break for the first half of the season are gearing up for a tough second half.

This is the point where teams are forced to play their own conference and for the fans, that means bigger and better games.

The biggest conferences are full of talented teams that can win any game at any time and when they all collide for the final stretch of the season things get a lot more interesting.

For some teams, the goal is to eventually get to the championship and win because it is their only shot at the playoff.

Other teams just need to get through relatively unscathed in order to be ranked among the top four in the country.

After all, Alabama lost the SEC title game last year but still made it to the playoff and took the National Championship.

This part of the season is where the playoff really takes shape though as the teams that are truly the best are the ones who can get through the ringer.

When top ten teams start facing each other absolutely anything can happen on any given Saturday.

That can eliminate or boost a team’s chances of making the playoff as they re taking on the best teams.

If they can’t survive these next few weeks there is no chance they can survive the playoff and so they fall out.

Right now is the turning point for so many as conference play is coming and the breaks that are given by playing easy teams are going away.

These are the weeks that will shape the playoff and with the first rankings coming out there is, even more, to play for as the weeks move on.


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