Tuesday Morning QB (CFL Week 17)

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The playoff race continues in the CFL as the spots are getting less and less with both Hamilton and Ottawa clinching their spots in the playoffs.

It has left the rest of the east out of the playoffs as they are officially eliminated from contention.

That has left the west to figure things out and it doesn’t seem like it is going to be an easy thing to figure out.

The west is going to be a real fight to the end as there are still two spots in the west and the crossover left to claim.

One of the four teams still with a chance at taking these spots will be eliminated within the next few weeks while the rest move closer to the Grey Cup.

The only team that has solidified their spot in the playoffs from the west so far is the Calgary Stampeders.

They were always expected to be in this situation as they were the best team in the league heading into the season and have been for years.

The Stamps remain that team that is the gold standard for everyone else in the CFL although they have struggled in the biggest game over the past few years.

They are once again the team that everyone is looking up at and so when they were set to travel to Montreal in Week 17 the result was pretty much assumed.

The Alouettes have been a struggling team for years and remain at the bottom of the league this season.

Despite some good showings every now and then they remain the worst team in the league and they were about to play the best team.

The Stamps were supposed to win the game and win it pretty easily with the firepower that they were bringing to Montreal.

Then again Montreal is a bit of a strange place and has been a strange place for the Stampeders in the last few years.

It has been one of the few places in their current dominant run that the Stampeders have struggled in.

They have put together a number of seasons where they have rarely lost games but it seems like when they head to Montreal that is one of those few games they lose.

For the Stampeders, the city has acted much like some kryptonite for the best team in the league over the last few years.

Heading into their latest game the rumours that were swirling turned out to be true as the Stampeders had a problem with the city.

Montreal is a city known for their nightlife as it is a city with a lot of clubs and plenty to do at night.

For a team playing in a city like Calgary, it is a completely different experience going from the smaller city of Calgary to the second largest city in the country.football-sidebar

I an interview for their game this week Bo Levi Mitchell admitted that the issue in the past has been the fact that players have spent too much time out on the town before the games.

That has always been an argument for places like Montreal where the nightlife is so vibrant.

It has been one of the major concerns for the Vegas Golden Knights and for teams in New York.

When you take a team full of players from a smaller town and give them a chance to enjoy a nightlife that is entirely different from the one they know there are likely to be a few players who enjoy it a bit too much.

The Stampeders have supposedly been a part of that legend with teams in the past having trouble not giving into that nightlife.

As a result, they have lost games against a team that they never should have lost to especially over the last few years.

This year Mitchell was determined not to go through that again claiming in the same interview that a lot of those players were gone from the team.

That didn’t stop the Alouettes from putting up a serious fight against the Stampeders giving the best team in the league a legitimate scare.

The Stamps couldn’t get anything going the entire first half being completely shut out on offence.

That is a rarity as Mitchell’s offence is one of the best while the Als rank at the bottom of the league in almost every major category.

Yet they couldn’t get a touchdown until the fourth quarter where they put up 12 points, their only of the entire game.

It was just enough to beat the Alouettes but for the Stamps, the thorn in their side remains as they got one of their toughest games of the year against one of the worst.


Fourth Down

Rookie Record Holder

In a season that seems to have seen more struggles from kickers than usual, the Ottawa REDBLACKS are seeing something entirely different. Lewis Ward has put together the most consistent season in the history of the league. He made his 40th straight kick this week breaking the CFL record for most consecutive field goals made. It is all more amazing with the fact that Ward is in his first season in the league with the REDBLACKS signing him after the draft. A rookie season like this already puts him on pace to break even more records as long as he can stay at least close to as consistent as he has been.

Double Headed Attack

The BC Lions are on a great run as they try to head towards the playoffs and they are looking to a new addition to give another extra boost. The Lions haven’t been shy about added players throughout the season in an attempt to try to get the boost they need to compete with teams like the Calgary Stampeders. After adding DeVier Posey a few weeks ago they added Tyrell Sutton to their lineup. Although he didn’t play this week he will look to add to a good running attack and provide a more physical presence alongside Jonathan Jennings as the Lions make their run towards the playoffs.

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