U Sports Football Report (Week 6)

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It has quickly become one of the best and biggest games on the U Sports calendar as the Panda Game highlighted Week 6.

They are the lifeblood of college sports, they seem to mean that much more when two schools are involved.

Although rivalries are always bigger games in college sports that rivalry expands far beyond two teams.

It is the two schools who have a bit of hate for each other and that tends to spill over throughout both schools.

There are the pranks they play on each other and the multiple sports that they constantly play that pit both schools against each other.

More often than not there is a strong history between the two as well with these rivalries coming from somewhere deep.

That is what the Panda Game is as the Panda game pits two rival schools from opposite ends of a city against each other.

This is why these rivalries are so special though as this rivalry wasn’t seen on the football field for a number of years.

The Carleton Ravens lost their program after the 1998 season and wouldn‘t see football return until 2013.

Yet still, the Panda game remained as one of the biggest rivalry games in U Sports football showcasing the importance of the game and the rivalry.

The game returned in 2013 when the Carleton Ravens brought back their football team and met the Ottawa Gee Gees for the first time in 15 years.

Yet despite that time off the game remained a big deal and since that first snap, the game has only grown in importance.

The addition of the Ravens has been one of the most successful starts to a program in recent memory.

The Ravens have been a good team almost from the moment that they returned with only a few seasons struggling.

Once they got through the short growing pains they found their way to being a team that could compete.

With their rise came an increased importance in the Panda Game as it wasn’t going to be the Gee Gees walking over their crosstown rivals.

The first time the game was back that is exactly what happened but in 2013 the Panda Game took on a new meaning.

A Hail Mary catch won the game for Carleton in 2014 then came two more overtime wins as the crowds got bigger.

The game was brought back to relevance and in the last few years, it has meant more and more with both teams looking good.football-sidebar

This year the Gee Gees and the Ravens were in a position to compete with the Ravens sitting at the top of the conference and the Gee Gees not too far behind.

They looked like two very good teams ready to play against each other in a game that mattered more than usual.

That is saying something as the Panda Game has become one of the most anticipated games of every season.

Now with real implications on the line, things were going to get that much more important for both teams.

They went into this game looking to be one of the top two teams in the OUA at the end of the week.

After years of Carleton taking thrilling wins, this game was not the same thing as it was a far less interesting game.

Despite a good start to the game, it was the Gee Gees who built a lead and never really looked back.

They got a big 28-27 win over the Ravens and moved ahead of their rivals in the standings.

The game was the first won by the Gee Gees in five years and gave them a boost in what is becoming a serious fight in the OUA.

The Panda Game may be one of the biggest in Canadian University football but it is no the only big game.

Rivalries drive college sports and whether it is the Montreal-Laval fight that has sprung up recently or the Blue and Red Game that has a lot of history.

These rivalries are the best part and in U Sports they can mean a lot especially as they get into the second half.

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