Tuesday Morning QB (CFL Week 15)

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Things are getting tight in the west as the playoff race is becoming the main focus for every team on both sides of the country.

The west has always been the stronger of the two divisions and they are proving that again as it seems almost sure that the crossover will come into effect for the third straight year.

The Toronto Argonauts and Montreal Alouettes have not been able to consistently perform this year with three wins each.

They are two teams with talent but an inability to put everything together and play a complete game.

Once again both teams took losses this week putting them further behind in that third and final Eastern playoff spot.

There is still a chance for both to find their way to that spot but it will require a pretty special run if they hope to knock off the western teams in the hunt.

It is the division that everybody needs to watch as the west is a group of teams with some of the best talent in the league.

It is also extremely unpredictable as teams that everyone assumes would walk through the rest of the league are beginning to struggle.

The Calgary Stampeders remain the heads of the division as they continue to be one of the best teams in the entire league.

With two losses this is a season that is one of their worst in the last few years which is saying something.

They are still going to be the team to beat as they head into the final month of the season and are still the toughest team, but for those teams trying to beat them, there are some games to look at as a blueprint.

Everyone is chasing Calgary though as they sit at the top close to becoming the first team to clinch a spot in the playoffs.

Below them, things are getting very interesting though as the Edmonton Eskimos are not the dominant team they used to be.

After years of fighting with the Stampeders for first place, the Eskimos are now just trying to stay in the west.

A loss to Ottawa has put them in third place only two points ahead of the BC Lions who are sitting in the crossover spot.

The Eskimos are having a tough time figuring out their issues as they are not the consistent force they used to be in the west.

The Riders are rising fast looking to take a home playoff date after barely getting by the Argonauts in Week 15.

They are a team that many might have to watch heading into the final part of the season as they are making a run.

They could be the hottest team in the league right now and it all came after beating the Calgary Stampeders in Week 10.

They have only lost one game since that week and have pushed their way into second place ahead of the Eskimos.

The BC Lions will look to challenge the Riders for the hottest team in the league after winning three straight including a thriller in Vancouver this past week.

If they can keep this up they have a real shot at the crossover or even better, a third place spot in the division.football-sidebar

They will need to fend off the Winnipeg Blue Bombers who have been inconsistent these last few weeks but have a lot of talent on the team that can make a late season run.

The west is an interesting battle this year and with six weeks left there is a lot to play for.

A lot of movement could be coming as there are no teams that seem to be simply unbeatable.

The Stampeders are the closest to that once again but they have been beaten and should they start to relax in the home stretch they can still lose their grip on the division.

The Riders are coming for their crown and after splitting the season so far their final game against each other in Week 19 could be a determining factor.

Meanwhile, the Lions try to stay hot as they head forward in their season and look to ensure a spot in the western playoffs.

They will be competing with the Eskimos for that spot and could very well see Winnipeg coming up to take them out as well.

That crossover spot seems like a sure thing but who gets it from the west is going to be one of the best battles in the league.

If Winnipeg can solve their issues and gain some momentum they have plenty of time to take over.

The Lions need to keep winning and if Edmonton can’t get more consistent they could see their own battle to stay in the west.

The battle is brewing and just getting started as the final six weeks are sure to bring a lot of drama, especially in the best division in the league.


Fourth Down

ROY Season?

The kicking game is one of the most important aspects of Canadian football with more ways of getting points and field position acting as a major factor. Finding a great kicker is extremely tough as many find their way through the league over their careers. Many don’t stay and with only 9 spots available and plenty more kickers available the job security is not great. That is unless you can be the most consistent kicker in the league, which is what Ottawa’s kicker is doing. This week Lewis Ward broke the record for most consecutive field goals in a season and he is only playing his first year. It has led to a conversation regarding the potential for a kicker to win the Rookie of the Year award as he seems like the obvious choice for Ottawa’s nominee.

Manziel Watch

It has been strange times in Montreal over the last few weeks with the team continuing to struggle at the most important position on the team. For years they have been searching for a quarterback and when they traded for Johnny Manziel they thought they had one. Then Manziel was hurt and Antonio Pipkin surprised everyone with two great performances leading the team to two straight wins. Then he struggled and the team decided to give a healthy Manziel another shot. That shot came in Week 15 with Manziel taking back the starting role but struggling once again as the adjustment to the new game continues to hurt his ability. The drama continues as many wonder if they are ever going to find someone consistent.

Disappointing Debut

There was a lot of talk about the Argonauts newest weapon getting the start in their Week 15 matchup. A lot had to do with the fact that Duron Carter was set to face the team that cut him only a few weeks ago while the rest was about finally letting him loose. There is no doubt that he can be one of the best receivers in the league and with the start, many were hoping to see what he could do. Some believed he had the chance to be a difference maker in the slim chances for the Argonauts to get a playoff spot. Then the game came and the Argonauts essentially used him as a decoy leaving Carter without a catch the entire game. The usually outspoken Carter now has a test ahead of him as the only worry has been about his outspoken nature as opposed to Marc Trestman’s preference for staying silent. Whether or not this relationship sours before it even begins remains to be seen but without many targets, he is not likely to stay silent for long.

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