NCAA Football Report (Week 3)

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There are battles upon battles in the NCAA with a lot more than just teams against teams at stake every week.

Although every team is working their way up the rankings and trying to get into the playoff they are also representing a conference.

That is the battle that rarely gets talked about but there is a battle every year between the conferences throughout D-I football.

Every conference is almost like a team in itself with a different personality and a different time to be at the top.

In the top division of the NCAA, there are five that stand out and those five conferences are considered the Power Five.

They are the conferences where the biggest teams and the biggest programs that are constantly in the limelight.

The ACC, Big 12, Big Ten, SEC and Pac-12 are the conferences that hold the power in the NCAA both on and off of the field.

They are the conferences with the programs that consistently compete for the playoff and the national championship.

There are plenty of issues with the fact that these five conferences hold all of the power that is the way things are for right now.

These conferences hold the key to the playoff battle as they are always going to be the conferences with teams in the playoff.

So far in the few years of the playoff, there have been no other conferences represented aside from these Power Five.

So when it comes to choosing the top four teams every year it can really be nailed down to five conferences and a handful of teams.

The problem is that there are only four spots in the playoffs so there will inevitably be a conference left out of the playoff.

A big part of that decision comes with the perception of the conferences themselves with strength of schedule playing a massive role for the selection committee.

When a conference begins to struggle on the national stage they begin to hurt their chances of even the best team making it through.

It has led to a competition between the conferences themselves as now people begin to look to the conference as a whole to see where they might land.

It helps the voters decide and so it is becoming increasingly important in the pursuit of the national championship.

This year is no different and once again it seems like the SEC is taking over with two teams in the top four and a number of others making their way.

Eventually, teams will be knocked out as they lose to the other SEC teams and only one can get the championship.

That doesn’t mean that the playoff is immune to taking two spots for one conference like they did a year

Both Georgia and Alabama seem to be on a collision course for the SEC title and the loser could easily find their way to another playoff spot.

That leaves four other conferences trying to get what could be only two more spots in the playoff.

For the last few years, the Pac-12 has been falling off of the pace and have been the forgotten conference.

This year they continue to struggle to be relevant as Stanford and Washington are the only teams in the top 10 from the Pac-12.

One will need to be pretty impressive to make a run at the playoff and eventually the National Championship.

The Big Ten is joining that struggle right now with losses from Michigan and Wisconsin along with an OT win by Penn State from Appalachian State they are not the strong conference they used to be even only a year ago.

The Buckeyes are the only team with a really good shot at the title and they will need to continue their run to represent the Big Ten.

In the Big 12, there is really only one team with a shot this year as Oklahoma remains the strongest team.

They have to get through a conference full of great teams to get there but they are not considered the most powerful conference and only the champion has a shot.

In the ACC the Clemson Tigers rule once against as one of the best teams in the country and again there aren’t any other major competitors.

The battle between conferences continues with two of the Power Five having major problems this season and the others lacking major battles.

It will be a constant debate this year and the years to come as the SEC remains the biggest name in NCAA football and remains the only conference with the respect to take over the playoff.


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