U Sports Football Report (Week 3)

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It was a pivotal week in the West and Quebec as the two best teams in each of the divisions faced off against each other to take an early lead in the fight for the conference title.

These games are always must-watch as the U Sports power continues to shift with dominant teams getting challenges more than ever before.

Although the dominant teams continue to sit on top they are seeing other teams give them a push.

In the west, it has been the Calgary Dinos for about a decade dominating other teams not leaving any room for anyone else.

Then UBC was able to recruit one of the best Canadian QBs in college football, Michael O’Connor who came from Penn State to play in Canada.

With his recruitment, the Thunderbirds began to rise through the ranks and in his first year under centre, they got past the Dinos taking the conference title.

It hasn’t been as great as that first season with the Dinos coming back to take two more titles in the last two years.

They remain the best team in the division and one of the best in the country but since the arrival of O’Connor, the T-Birds have been right there.

Last year the Dinos only took home the title after a 59-yard field goal that took them to the national playoffs.

Heading into a new year the Thunderbirds were looking to take another title while the Dinos were focusing entirely on a run at the Vanier Cup.

Week 2 in the CanWest season gave everyone a chance to see the two teams that were expected to compete for the top spot play each other and take the first major shot at that conference title.

The day did not go as many thought though with the Dinos taking a commanding win over the Thunderbirds.

It was a tough day for UBC as the Dinos put up 57 yards against the Thunderbirds while UBC could only manage 289 yards of offence.

The 57-7 loss put a stamp to the beginning of the season showing that the Dinos are not going to make it easy on anyone.

For the Thunderbirds, it was a message that they will need to take in order to try to get back to the top of the conference.

If they take this loss the right way they could be back playing the Dinos for the top spot in the conference.

Both teams will face off again later this month and the lessons learned for the Thunderbirds will be on full display.

Another win by the Dinos will go a long way to solidifying their spot at the top of the conference.

It wasn’t the only big game this week though as Quebec saw their own major game that has become one of the best in the country every time the two teams face off.

The Laval Rouge et Or have enjoyed one of the most dominant runs in U Sports history with 14 Dunsmore Cups since 2003.football-sidebar

An eleven-year reign ended in 2014 when the Montreal Carabins took home their first-ever Dunsmore Cup.

They followed up with a second championship in as many years and officially became the thorn in the side of the Rouge et Or.

They have been right there alongside Laval for the last few years and the conference has come down to either team over the last four years.

Every time these two teams play they are closely matched leading to great games and with first place usually coming down to their games every one becomes so much more important.

It could be the only loss of either season and can be the determining factor in who hosts the Dunsmore Cup.

This week the two faced off again for another important matchup and it was a tough affair for both teams.

The Rouge et Or did just enough to take the win with a field goal in each quarter giving them 12 points, just over the one touchdown by Montreal.

It was a tough game that showed how great these defences are but it didn’t prove a lot as they are as evenly matched as ever.

They will play each other again on October 7 in a game that Montreal will want to take in order to have a shot at the conference title.

This week U Sports saw two massive shots fired in the battle for conference titles with the dominant teams coming out on top.

There is a ways to go until the conference is determined and both the losing teams have another shot but for Laval and Calgary the path is slightly more clear.

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