U Sports Football Report (Week 1)

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The U Sports season is officially underway as the first week of games has come and gone giving teams a chance to get ahead.

Week 1 is always the most interesting time for any football league as every team is even when things begin.

There is a lot of work that goes into the season as coaches have been recruiting and coaching up their players to prepare for a run.

No team heads into the new season looking to just be alright they are all looking to become champion.

Some teams may not look like they have the talent but at the start of the year, they have just as much a shot as anyone else.

In University football that is even truer as there always seems to be a team that can come out of nowhere to make a serious run.

All it takes is one year to make some progress towards becoming a serious contender in any of the conferences.

A team can have one good year and change their program for years to come as the perception of the program can make all of the difference for teams.

As the first week approaches, every team has a chance to make that run and prove something to everyone that they can compete with the best in the league.

When the season began teams were looking to make a statement that they were ready to compete with the best in the league.

They had one game to do it and it was never going to be easy as there are still so many dominant teams in the conferences.

The teams looking to make an impression were going to try to do it right away with the first game to announce that they were ready.

The dominant teams were looking to continue their time at the top and weren’t willing to let these smaller school programs take over.

It is always a battle between these teams to make an impression and sometimes they take on each other in an attempt to create or prevent an upset.

This week was no different as the first glimpses of answers to so many of the offseason questions were seen.

In the east, the AUS saw one team, in particular, come out strong with the Mount Allison Mounties making a statement.

They were able to put up 36 points against the Bishop’s Gaiters in what was either a showcase of the Mounties coming back to compete or the Gaiters being unable to compete.

Meanwhile, Saint Mary’s and StFX showed that they are pretty evenly matched as the Huskies just got past the X-Men.

In Quebec it was a lot of the same as Laval and Montreal both took home wins although Laval’s was slightly less convincing than Montreal.football-sidebar

The West won’t pick up their season until next week but in the OUA Sunday was a chance to see who would be competing.

The OUA has always been one of the more competitive conferences and largely because they have the most teams.

It is never an easy thing to get through the OUA and there are always a few surprises throughout the year.

This week some of the biggest programs took their first shot at moving up the standings early on in the season.

Not all were able to get their wins and not all of the winners were convincing in their first performances.

The Western Mustangs came in as defending Vanier Cup champions and took on the Carleton Ravens in their opening game.

The win for the Mustangs was not all that dominant as they beat them by three points, a far cry from the wins they accumulated last year.

The Queen’s Gaels and Laurier Golden Hawks were the impressive ones getting convincing wins to kick off their campaigns.

With those three teams sitting on top of the standings after the first week the first shots in the battle for the top of the conferences have been taken.

The season is just beginning though and unlike other leagues an undefeated season is not a necessity.

Teams can come back and one loss is not going to end their chances of making a deep run.

The season is not a long one though and the fact is that this is a sprint from this moment on with only a couple of months between now and the playoffs.

Teams will make their way to the top of the division and will fight for their spots but in every conference, things are just beginning.

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