NCAA Football Report (Week 0)

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Week 0 in the NCAA is an interesting way to start the season as a number of teams were in action but the big programs had another week.

Although there weren’t many big programs on the docket this week can still be an important one for so many teams.

The NCAA is an unforgiving league where the big programs get the benefit of the doubt and where an undefeated season is the standard.

There is no other league where one loss can sink a season like it does in the NCAA with the undefeated teams usually finding their way to the playoffs.

Teams have to head through an entire season just looking to not lose a game or they won’t be able to even make a run.

That is what the league is all about as teams have to find a way to make it through an entire season without taking a loss.

That is the challenge for every team even the biggest teams in the country as they try to get through a season without losing.

If those big teams can find their way through the season without a loss they are almost guaranteed a spot in the top four at the end of the season.

Even when they lose a game they can find their way to the playoffs with a strong schedule and enough of a reputation.

With one loss it can be a bit tougher for those big teams to make the top four but they can also find their way in with some key wins.

After that one loss though it is near impossible to make it into the playoff and make a serious run at the title.

Those rules only apply to the big teams from the Power Five conferences though as they are the teams that will always get the benefit of the doubt.

The Power Five conferences hold all of the power throughout the NCAA and they often get the attention that every other team is seeking.

The big teams will take the full attention in Week 1 when they all start their seasons but Week 0 meant that start for a number of other teams.

Those teams don’t get the attention that many of them need and in their first week of the season, almost nobody was paying attention.

That would be except the teams that were on the field for the first week of the season trying to make an impression right off the bat.

These smaller programs are not going to get the appreciation and the attention that the other big programs get no matter how well they do throughout the season.

That puts them in a tight spot as they have very little wiggle room for the season, making Week 0 and extremely important week.

One loss in a season for these teams can sink their entire season as they will not get the benefit of the doubt

These smaller programs need to be undefeated if they want a chance at the playoff and even then it is difficult to make

A program like Central Florida was undefeated and ran through a pretty good conference and yet they were nowhere near the national championship.

They are the perfect example of a small program not getting the respect that they deserve from putting in a good season.

As much work and time as programs put into preparing for the next season it can all be over before the season officially begins.

That is what Week 0 is all about as a number of teams took their first swing but only have come out with a good outlook on the new season.

Half of the teams are already finding a way back from a loss and will not be that Cinderella story this year.

The other half are heading into the heart of the season with a chance to make a real impact on the season.

That same attitude will be had throughout the league next week when the rest of the league begins their season and the pursuit of the playoffs begins.

The big programs will be in action and a few have some very tough games that could act as make or breaks for their year.

As the college season gets going the pressure builds as every game is truly important in the NCAA season.

One loss could be all the difference for a team and in Week 0 a few teams have already learned that lesson.


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