Riding with the Excitement

ufc-fn135The pressure was on at UFC Fight Night 135 as the two main event fighters were facing the unique problem that UFC fighters face every time they step into the octagon.

The UFC is the biggest brand in MMA and to get to the promotion takes a lot and things are only getting tougher.

Skill is still the top thing that every fighter needs to get into the UFC and stay in the UFC because there are simply too many good fighters.

That is not the only thing that fighters need though as there has always been a special place for those fighters who make a bit more noise than others.

There are the fighters who make more noise out of the octagon as they know how to talk and get their way.

Those fighters are becoming more and more common or at the very least fighters trying to do that are becoming more and more common.

The UFC is in a place where entertainment is eclipsing the sport with Conor McGregor taking the sport to a new level and everyone trying to keep up.

The UFC likes the stories and after McGregor put them on the front page of the sports section they are looking for more fighters with his same attitude.

It has led to a lot of big storylines from big names but sometimes leads to bad fighters getting a chance when they shouldn’t.

Still, it is the way of the new UFC and making noise has become a major aspect to every fighter in the UFC.

Making noise through talking is not always the biggest way to get recognized though as exciting fighters can become very popular by putting on a show in the octagon.

They may never get to the same point as a fighter like McGregor but being exciting can keep a fighter around for a long time.

Heading into UFC Fight Night 135 the promise was clear as the UFC was building the main event as one of the more exciting fights they have scheduled.

It involved two fighters that had been taking that second path to popularity with both becoming known for exciting fights.

James Vick was the lesser known of the two fighters but with a four-fight win streak that included three finishes, he was making a name for himself.

Justin Gaethje had a name and that name came with a lot of expectations as he is a bonus fighter who earns an extra $50,000 almost every time he fights.

With the reputation of both of these fighters, the pressure was on to not just win the fight but put on a show for the fans.

That can be a tough thing as trying to put on an exciting fight can often lead to mistakes and losses.

There are countless examples of this and Gaethje knows it all too well with plenty of bonuses but mixed results.mma-sidebar.fw

There is no fighter who gets into the game just to put on exciting fights as all of them want to be the best and win a title.

No amount of exciting losses will get a fighter to a title fight and so sometimes fighters need to step back and play it smart.

It might not be the fan’s favourite fight and they may not get another $50,000 after the fight but a win and progress towards the title is never a bad thing.

Both Gaethje and Vick seemed to be ready for an exciting fight with plenty of trash talk between each other that indicated they were not going to sit back.

Then again it could have all been a smokescreen for a fighter with a smarter plan than just going forward and fighting.

The two fighters were in complete control but it was always going to take a brave soul to fight smart with the UFC and the fans all expected a certain fight to end the night.

The fight itself wasn’t an all-out fight from the start but it was clear that neither fighter was looking to take it slow.

They both looked to establish their stand-up game and tried to find their spots to earn a knockout as either had the chance.

As Gaethje pressed forward he began to get more comfortable and that is when he launched a big overhand right.

It connected perfectly and Vick went down quickly as Gaethje took the convincing knockout win in the first round.

It was another fight that earned Gaethje $50,000 again and once again he added a highlight to his big highlight reel.

Although Gaethje did a great job on this night he seems to be ready to live and die with this style of fighting and often that doesn’t lead to titles.

Gaethje will try to get there though calling out Tony Ferguson after the fight and looking to move up into the big names of the division.











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