UFC Fight Night 135 Preview

ufc-fn135The UFC is building their comeback from the summer break as a fight between two knockout artists that is sure to bring a lot of fireworks.

That very well might be the case as James Vick and Justin Gaethje have made their way through the MMA world with exciting fights that rarely go the entire time.

At first look, it seems clear that this is the fight of the night contender and that the winner will continue to be one of the most exciting players in the promotion.

There is a problem with that assumption though as a key piece to the equation might not want to be that exciting fighter any more.

It isn’t that Gaethje doesn’t like the bonuses or want to be that draw for fans who will tune in to see him fight it is more about his progression.

Gaethje has been one of the most exciting fighters in the UFC since he entered the promotion in 2017.

Although he has put on exciting fights he has not been very successful in those fights only winning his debut.

After two straight losses, both Fight of the Night winners, something might need to change if Gaethje truly wants to be one of the best.

He can continue his style of fighting and be a fan favourite but like so many before him, that style will not get him to a championship.

The stand and bang style is no longer effective or useful as the game has evolved from years ago and there is simply too much skill to just hope to be the toughest guy in the octagon.

People that look to step into the octagon and just out-tough the person in front of them are not going to be successful.

They can win fights but they won’t make progress towards a title shot and although they will remain on the roster they won’t make much progress.

Donald Cerrone is the perfect example as he continues to lose fights but puts on a show every time and remains a fan favourite.

It is a fine way to have a career but most fighters are not in the fight game just to have a good career, they want to win.

Gaethje is looking for a title and to get there he will need to face very talented fighters like Vick.

Those fighters are likely to take a more measured approach trying to get the win and pick their spots rather than get into a brawl.

Gaethje needs to do exactly that to move his way up the rankings and get to that title shot and the biggest mystery is the fact that he can do it.

Gaethje may have made a name for himself with his hands and his stand-up but his base came from a significant wrestling background.

Gaethje was an All-American wrestler for Northern Colorado placing 7th in the 2010 National Championships.


His wrestling is solid and he has the ability to take many of the top fighters down to grind out a win.

Instead, he chooses the more exciting route, to the delight of UFC fans, but that style opens him up to being knocked out as much as it lets him end exciting fights.

If he wants to win and make his way towards the title he might want to start thinking about using his wrestling ability to win fights.

As much as he wants to be an exciting fighter winning is more important and he has the talent to win.

He will need to resist the temptation of getting into a brawl with Vick though as he won’t have the easiest time fighting on the ground.

Vick will want to stay upright and pick his spots which can make Gaethje move ahead and give up an opening for Vick.

If Gaethje can change his style he might just begin a real path towards the title and it could all start with Vick.

Vick himself is looking to carry some serious momentum after beating Francisco Trinaldo earlier this year.

He is riding a four-fight win streak and moving his way up the rankings in the lightweight division.

Beating Gaethje should put him in the top group while everyone waits to see what happens when Conor McGregor takes on Khabib Nurmagomedov.

This fight could very well be an easy fight of the night but if Gaethje is smart he will make this a less exciting and more technical fight.



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