Tuesday Morning QB (CFL Week 10)

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Week 10 in the CFL marked the launch of the Diversity is Strength campaign as teams highlighted one of the things that make the CFL so unique.

There will always be comparisons between the NFL and the CFL as they are the only two professional leagues for the sport.

The NFL will always be the big leagues with a lot more money and a lot more attention than the CFL could ever muster.

That often gives them access to the best talent in the world as every great player can’t be faulted for taking the money and the potential fame in the NFL.

It doesn’t make the CFL a bad league as there is still a lot of talent in the CFL and it is a testament to the attitude in the league.

When the NFL looks at players they are looking at everything they can possibly get from size of someone’s arms to the tape they have been able to build in the university and college careers.

The CFL does a lot of the same but in the CFL there is a different attitude that has come from the fact that they rarely get the best talent from college.

In the CFL coaches essentially have to make due with what they can find throughout the world for talent.

It doesn’t mean that these guys are just rejects that would never be successful in the NFL but rather that these guys are constantly the overlooked.

The NFL loves their measurables as they will always take the biggest and most physically intimidating guys.

As great as many of these guys are there so many talented players out there that might not be the biggest from a physical standpoint.

Despite their size, they can make a big impact on a game and the league has shown that time and time again.

Players like Cameron Wake, Doug Flutie and Jeff Garcia all began their careers in the CFL because they were overlooked by NFL teams.

When they eventually got to the NFL after their stints in the Canadian league they made a big impact and are among legends for the teams they played for and currently play for.

The CFL saw something in these players and throughout the league, there are those extremely talented players that got overlooked.

Size was far from the only thing that has kept players and even front office staff and coaches from the NFL.

Throughout the history of the league change has not necessarily been their strong suit and as a result, there have been a number of players that looked to the CFL as the only option.football-sidebar

The Diversity is Strength campaign highlights these people who were overlooked by the NFL or were just never given a chance to make an impression.

Some were passed over completely on purpose and others just simply never came into the radar of the NFL.

In the CFL though the only question is always whether or not that player or person can help the team win.

If they can in any way the CFL will give them a shot and let them prove themselves.

It has always been that way as players like Bernie Custis, Johnny Bright and Conredge Holloway were all told they couldn’t play where they wanted to play simply because of the colour of their skin.

They moved to the CFL where they found a home and showed what a black quarterback could do when given the chance, the answer: anything a white quarterback could do.

The CFL was a chance to just be accepted, although that wasn’t always the case as Herb Trawick could attest to as the man who broke the CFL colour-barrier.

Still, the CFL has had a long history of accepting anyone as long as they could do what they needed to help teams win.

From immigrant success stories like Wally Buono to the first female GM in North American sports, Jo-Anne Polak.

Players like Obby Khan and Neil Hughes showed that background didn’t play a part as long as the talent was there.

The Diversity in Strength campaign highlights the simple fact that in the CFL the ability to get a team towards the Grey Cup is all that matters.

It is the biggest reason for the turnover in the league and the mass amounts of great stories of players finding a home in Canada.

As week 11 approaches more of these stories will be highlighted only solidifying the league as one of few that is willing to take a chance no matter what.


Fourth Down

Moving on Up

Mike Reilly has been in a battle alongside provincial rival Bo Levi Mitchell for the title of greatest QB in this era of the league. There is no doubt that the two are the best playing right now as they are consistent in their performances and are both in the running for MOP every year. This week Reilly got a leg up on the competition joining the 25,000-yard club after a great performance. Reilly put up 400 yards against the Montreal Alouettes this week putting him over the 25,000-yard mark for his career. There is plenty of time left for Reilly to continue to move up the rankings with just under 5,000 yards to go before putting his name among the top 15 passers of all time.

The Manziel Report

For some, it might be getting annoying but John y Manziel continues to make headlines as his season remains a focus for 2018. The In Week 10 it was his absence that made headlines as Manziel was forced into the CFL concussion protocol. During his second start, he took a big hit as he attempted to get a touchdown and ran into a wall. Midway through the week, the Alouettes announced that he would be undergoing concussion testing. It was determined that he would not be able to play in his fourth CFL start. The Als hope to have him back for Week 11 as things were just starting to look better and although their season seems done they are preparing for the future.

Into the Record Books

Although they are often the butt of so many jokes, kickers in the CFL are often some of the most important players in the game. Field position plays such an important role and in a high scoring game, every point can count. Teams are constantly trying to find a kicker that can be consistently great and help them to solidify that position. The REDBLACKS may have found their kicker for the foreseeable future as rookie kicker Lewis Ward has made a pretty big impression. This week he kicked his 23rd straight field goal putting him in the records book with the most consecutive field goals by a first-year player.

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  1. Brian Lowe says:

    While it’s all very well to talk up diversity, bringing in so many Americans is detrimental to young Canadians who want to play in the CFL. It’s Canada’s game, so how about giving more Canadians a chance to play

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