A Chance to Beat the Best

ufc-fox30This was a chance that three former champions were looking to take to try to find their way back to the titles that they had held.

It is a tough thing to get to the top of the fighting world only to fall off of that plateau and into the mix of the other fighters in the divisions.

It is never easy to get back but these fighters had, at one time, been the best fighters in the division.

They were at the top for a reason and they know they have the ability to get back to the top of the division again.

They all travelled to Calgary to take that chance to get back to the top of their divisions but all would end to take the win to get back there.

It was not going to be easy for any of them as they were all taking on fighters who were finding their way to the top.

For these fighters on the other end of the cage, this was a chance to prove something to everyone.

They have the opportunity to beat a former champion and prove that they belonged among the top fighters in the world.

Tecia Torres got her chance first as she was taking on one of the toughest women in the UFC and one of the greatest UFC champions.

Joanna Jędrzejczyk had ruled the strawweight division for years with most people not thinking she would ever be beaten.

When she did it was a shock but she is still widely considered one of the best of all time and Torres had a chance to take some of that shine.

A win against the former champion would show that Torres was ready to take on the best of the best in the division.

She would be able to enter the title conversation by eliminating the top contender and taking her spot.

Torres just couldn’t quite get there though as she struggled to keep u with the striking ability of the former champion.

Despite a successful clinch game, it was the boxing ability of Jędrzejczyk that won out as when the fight gained some distance the former champion was far more successful.

It was a wasted opportunity for Torres as she couldn’t get the job done and take advantage of the chance to beat a former champion.

For Jędrzejczyk it was a good win that left little doubt but it wasn’t a finish which is slightly strange for such a dominant fighter.

Jędrzejczyk is used to dominating and not doing that might keep her one fight away from a trilogy with Rose Namajunas but she is right in the hunt.

The next fighter looking for an opportunity was Jeremy Stephens who had put together three straight wins.

UFC on FOX was his next chance to make a real impact on the featherweight division when he got Jose Aldo.

Aldo was the guy that Holloway took on to get to the title and as a former dominant champion, he was going to be a test.

Stephens seemed to had figured something out and was looking like a serious contender but beating Aldo was going to assure that spot at the top.

It didn’t take long for Aldo to prove why he is considered one of the best in the world as both men stated slow but began exchanging in the first round.

Although Stephens landed some big shots of his own it was some big body shots from Aldo that ended the fight.

It put Aldo back into the conversation and although he likely needs some more wins to get another shot at Holloway he is on track.

Stephens ended his win streak with the loss and it was another wasted opportunity for a fighter looking to make his way up the rankings.

The final fighter with a shot was looking to make sure it wasn’t going to be three wasted chances.mma-sidebar.fw

Dustin Poirier was set to take on former lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez after suffering a controversial no contest the last time they fought.

Alvarez landed a big knee while Poirier was on the ground ending the fight and taking any chance of a comeback.

This was Poirier’s chance to prove that he had the ability to fight someone like Alvarez and beat him.

This was going to be his way to prove that he deserves a title shot against whoever holds the belt.

He did exactly that with an impressive win over the former champion was going to launch him right into that title conversation.

It didn’t start well for Poirier who struggled to match the output of Alvarez but that didn’t matter in the second.

Poirier took some dangerous risks in the second even giving Alvarez his back but a big knee put Alvarez on the mat.

He took advantage and got the win with the stoppage, putting him directly in line to fight for a title soon.

After calling out Khabib he clearly thinks he has what it takes and it is hard to argue after an impressive win.

Three fights had the chance but two former champs showed that they were not ready to bow out while one rising star finally got his big win that will put him in the conversation.


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