UFC Fight Night 134 Preview

ufc-fn134Perception can mean a lot in the world of MMA and it has only increased in importance in the entertainment era.

With the way the UFC is right now everything is about the attention that you can get for the fights that you take.

It isn’t so much about the number of wins that you can put together it is more about the people you can put in the win column.

If you fight big enough names you will always remain in the conversation for whatever weight division you are a part of.

Winning those fights makes you a contender but it isn’t necessary to win them to be considered one of the top fighters in the promotion.

It truly has become a promotion where the noise you make, whether that be on the mic after fights or through big fights and impressive wins, is the most important thing.

That can leave some fighters on the outside looking in even with some impressive wins and records.

Not many would have thought that one of those fighters would have been Mauricio Rua as the legendary MMA star was always a part of the conversation for titles.

He was one of the many fighters in a different era who helped build the sport from nothing and as a result, he was a big name.

He continues to be that legend but with so many fighters of his era beginning to fall off he has unfortunately fallen with them.

The worst part about that fall is the fact that it isn’t because of his skills or his age slowing him down, it is all about the perception of the legendary Brazilian.

Because he is a part of an era of fighters who are retiring or struggling and are now the people who many don’t want to see fight.

Rua has been lumped in with all of those fighters and despite his ability still being there when his name is mentioned it is almost assumed that he is on his way out.

The facts are far different through as Rua has actually put together an impressive record over the last few fights.

Despite the fact that he is a part of that first generation of fighters who still have connections to Pride he has actually been able to stay on top of things.

He has put together three straight wins in the Light Heavyweight division and is now trying to make some more noise.

He has been able to get past Antonio Rogerio Nogueira, Corey Anderson and Gian Villante but unfortunately for him, those wins have come in long stretches.

Since November of 2014, Rua has been involved in five fight cancellations, some involving his own injuries and others just random circumstances.

Two of those fights were sure to set him up for a big boost in his pursuit of that UFC title as he was set to take on Volkan Oezdemir, the last title challenger.

Then Oezdemir was barred from leaving the USA after an assault case and when he was scheduled to fight him again the UFC changed their minds and moved him to a new card.

Injuries and these two fights have kept him out since March of 2017 leaving him on that edge of being easily forgotten.mma-sidebar.fw

The time off hasn’t helped from letting him slip into the same category as the other fighters from his era.

He is now looking to get back on track and take his fourth straight win while making sure everyone knows he is still here.

To do that he will take on a much younger fighter looking to put a big name on his win list and become one of those fast-rising stars in the division.

Anthony Smith has had a habit of making some noise in the UFC’s light heavyweight division only to see it fall apart with a big fight.

Coming into the UFC he had won seven straight and then was able to take a win in his UFC debut.

A loss to Cezar Ferreira set him back but another three-fight win streak only to lose momentum with a loss to Thiago Santos.

He is trying to find his way back after beating Rashad Evans and beating another legend of the sport could be a good way of doing just that.

Both fighters have something to prove and in this new era of the UFC, they will need to prove that thing loudly.

With Daniel Cormier likely holding out for big fights Rua and Smith need to make a point if they want to get any attention.

For Rua is will all be about his announcement that he is not like the rest of the fighters from his era, he needs to show that he still has it and beating a young gun like Smith could be that way.


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