UFC 226 Preview

ufc-226In the entertainment era of the UFC super fights are a common occurrence, or at least they try to be with the scheduling that the UFC is doing now.

Not every fight that is built as a super fight really is though as very few involve what makes up a super fight.

A real super fight is a fight that throws out the weight classes and brings two of the best fighters in the UFC together to fight.

It rarely happens but the UFC continues to push some great fights as super fights with only one meeting some of the requirements.

Conor McGregor put on a super fight when he moved to the lightweight division to take his second title.

Still, that had some issues as McGregor hadn’t yet proven, and still hasn’t, to be the best in the world although he has been the biggest fighter in the world.

His opponent, Eddie Alvarez, had a bit more of a reputation but had just won the lightweight title and hadn’t made much of a run.

It was a big fight and one that was meant to give McGregor the chance to make history, which he did.

Still, it left something to be desired about the super fights that have been promised in this era where weight classes and titles don’t seem to matter as much.

With rumours throughout this year of big fights almost coming to fruition, UFC 226 will be the first time that a real super fight is on the card.

This fight has everything that a super fight needs as it will feature two champions from two different weight classes fighting each other at the height of their popularity.

Daniel Cormier doesn’t have anyone left to fight in the light heavyweight division as he is clearly the best in the world.

He may have lost to Jon Jones but it id the only fighter that has ever given him issues and both of those losses have come under fire because of Jones’ history of drug use and one of those losses was changed to a no contest.mma-sidebar.fw

There is little doubt that right now he is the best light heavyweight in the world and with not many people to face in that division he decided to take on his biggest challenge yet.

That will come in the form of Stipe Miocic who has solidified himself as the greatest heavyweight of all time.

With three straight title defences, he reached a level that nobody had ever reached before him despite the legendary names in that line of heavyweight champions.

Much like the light heavyweight division, there aren’t many other fighters ready to challenge the champion in the heavyweight division.

So with his spot in history claimed, he looked to a new challenge against Cormier who was also an undefeated heavyweight at the start of his UFC career.

These two fighters are the best in their respective divisions and they have proven it time and time again.

Now they will fight for the heavyweight title as Cormier looks to become the second fighter to hold two titles at the same time.

As super fights go this is one of the best as the entertainment era has finally provided a true fight between two of the best of the era.



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