MLB Week in Review (June 22-28)

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There is no doubt that the world is in a different place right now and a lot of that has to do with the prevalence of information.

With more media outlets and more ways to get information, there are a lot fewer secrets anywhere.

That includes sports where there is no hiding anything anymore and that came out this week in the front offices of the MLB.

In the past managers, coaches and executives would generally have their conversations kept private no matter what they said.

That hasn’t always been the best as many of those staff members could essentially get away with anything.

Whether you like it or not that is no longer the case as more people are getting in trouble for the statements that they make.

Sometimes it can be a good thing while other times it can lead to overreactions that mean people lose their jobs for what was really a comment that never had anything behind it.

This week two big stories began to develop thanks to comments made by people who aren’t always heard from.

The first came from a GM as Dayton Moore jumped into the debate about the most controversial young pitcher in baseball.

Luke Heimlich is one of the most skilled pitchers in college and just helped the Oregon State Beavers to a College World Series title.

He is easily a top pick in any draft but there is one massive issue with the young righty, his criminal record that includes a sexual misconduct charge against a minor.

The crime was committed when Heimlich was a teenager and there has been some controversy over the charge.

Heimlich pleaded guilty to the charge despite maintaining his innocence everywhere outside of the courts.

It is not entirely uncommon for people to plead guilty in order to get lighter sentences and in this case the reasoning was about the fact that his record would have been sealed in about five years leaving him without a criminal history.

Still, when it was discovered he became a great talent with too much baggage for the MLB to consider drafting.

2018 was his last chance and no team took the chance but Kansas City’s GM somewhat opened the

Moore stated that he believed that Heimlich earned a shot in the big leagues with all that he has done in College.

That comment immediately turned everyone against Moore putting him in some serious hot water.

He wasn’t the only one though as the Chicago White Sox were put in their own controversial situation this week.

It happened when the White Sox announced that their new pitching coach, Chris Bosio, had been fired for insensitive comments.

The team got out ahead of this knowing that if the story got out there would be pressure to fire the coach.

According to Bosio the comments he made were in reference to a player and his nickname and had no racial meaning behind them.

Someone’s story is right but the firing is done and despite the lawsuit for the firing that Bosio has filed nothing is likely to change.

It was just another example of a comment overheard that turned into something much more serious.

For the Royals, it was an official interview that has put their general manager in some serious trouble while in Chicago it was an act of trying to get out in front of it that cost a coach his job.

In both cases, the two men have claimed that things have been blown out of proportion with one claiming that the media is making a bigger deal out of his comments and the other saying it was a misunderstanding.

In either case, the openness of the world of sports has been shown as the idea of keeping things in-house is no longer around.

There are complaints about leagues not allowing players to be themselves and interviews being boring but when things like this happen it is understandable.

There is no doubt that there are good and bad parts to this trend but for anyone involved in being careful with what you say is now a must.


Extra Innings

Mets Open for Business

July is almost here and that means the trade deadline is approaching which will only make the trade market heat up. As more rumours come the pressure to make deals rises and teams begin to make themselves sellers or buyers. The New York Mets have already let everyone know that they are going to be sellers this year. Assistant GM John Ricco made it clear telling media that they will be sellers this year. That will likely mean that teams will be able to go after Jacob DeGrom and Noah Syndergaard as long as they can pay what will be a steep price for two great young arms.

Ohtani Good for Now

Shohei Ohtani was the biggest story in the MLB this year as the young Japanese superstar was going to make the move from Japan to the USA. After a process of teams trying to get his services, he chose Los Angeles as the Angels were going to allow him to both hit and pitch. He was built as the Japanese Babe Ruth and at the start of his MLB career proved that he could live up to that reputation. Then he went down and the dream seemed to be over as the injury came back to be a sprained UCL. That usually means Tommy John Surgery but reports this week seem to have him on the mend with the Angels saying he might not need surgery and then clearing him to resume hitting.

Osuna Handed 75 Games

 Roberto Osuna was a revelation for the Toronto Blue Jays as they had finally found their closer for years to come. At only 25 he was going to likely be a part of their future plans alongside Aaron Sanchez and Marcus Stroman. This year that future was put into doubt thanks to the actions he reportedly took in his apartment with his girlfriend. Osuna was arrested for domestic assault after his girlfriend called the police when Osuna reportedly hit her and then brandished a gun. Since that time he has been on administrative leave which has been extended multiple times. After an investigation into the incident, the MLB made their decision to suspend Osuna for 75 games, which include the games missed on administrative leave, leaving his future in serious doubt.

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