The New Wave Continues

UFC Fight Night: Cowboy v EdwardsThere truly has never been a time in the UFC where the talent has been as great as right now with so many divisions being so deep.

This is an era where the popularity of the sport and the UFC is in serious question as the biggest names are nowhere to be seen and viewership continues to fall.

They continue to try to find new ways to bring the casual fans back and every now and then there is a sign that the love is still there.

Without the big stars though it is a tough go for the UFC as only the real MMA fans are watching and that doesn’t make for big numbers.

That is a concern for the UFC and for other MMA outlets but those low numbers aren’t telling the story of the UFC.

Right now there is a new wave of fighters coming through multiple divisions and they are beginning to take over.

The big names like Ronda Rousey are gone while Conor McGregor continues to take his time in coming back to the octagon.

Yet despite these names no longer being in the octagon, at least for now, the talent level is only increasing.

There are so many divisions seeing a surge of talent right now with younger fighters going through some of the older names in the divisions.

For fight fans, it is an exciting time as the talent level is only increasing as the years go on and it is leading to an exciting future.

New champions are beginning to solidify their legacy while younger fighters are starting to fill out the top of the rankings.

This new wave of fighters could be seen to have been started by McGregor himself who quite literally changed the game.

These fighters are a unique mix of skill and personality that come together to form athletes that can be stars and back up their hype with skills.

The welterweight division is a perfect example as Tyron Woodley is one of the few veteran champions in the UFC but he will begin fending off some interesting younger fighters.

His next fight will be against interim champion Colby Covington who has made himself into the ultimate bad guy, but in doing so earned a title shot quickly.

If he can get by Covington another young fighter is waiting as Darren Till is not far from his own title shot.

Both fighters have talked a lot, albeit in a slightly different way, and they have backed up all of their talk with big wins.

They are some of the most recognizable fighters of this new wave that also includes Kamaru Usman and Jorge Masvidal.

Another fighter was looking to find his way into that gathering of great young fighters looking to gain that welterweight title and he was hoping to do it in Singapore.

Leon Edwards has been lost among that wave of fighters in the division but the skill is very much there.

Edwards had put together five straight wins, a comparable streak to both Till and Covington, but he has not received the same fanfare as the others.

Most of that is due to the fact that Edwards has been fighting on undercards against lesser

There was no impressive win that could launch him into the conversation for a title shot in an extremely crowded division.

In singing a fight with Donald Cerrone he was looking for that chance to get a massive win that would put his name among the others in his wave.

Cerrone has been one of the biggest names in MMA for years, thanks for his willingness to fight any time and anywhere.

Till used Cerrone to launch his career to a new level when he knocked “Cowboy” out and then got the #1 welterweight in the world, Stephen Thompson.

Edwards was looking for the same thing as he was hoping to win impressively against Cerrone and use that win to bring him to a new level.

Edwards came out quick looking to get that big win in impressive fashion launching a few big kicks that seemed to have Cerrone fighting on his heels.

Eventually, Cerrone began to find his momentum and tried to climb his way back into the fight to get the win.

AS the fight continued on it was clear that nobody was going to win impressively, it was going to be a tough fight won by the one who could do just a little more.

As much as Cerrone tried to climb back though, he wasn’t able to make up the difference set by Edwards at the start of the fight.

It was a unanimous decision for Edwards giving him the biggest win of his life but the fight also showed that Cerrone is far from done.

He was able to push a younger fighter to the fifth round and only gained steam as the fight neared the end.

It goes as a loss but it was a good fight and he is sure to be back while Edwards may not launch up the rankings but his sixth straight win is sure to put him on the radar.



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