Shining Under the Lights

ufc-fn130Pressure is a funny thing in any sport as it can send certain athletes to new heights or can make them crumble.

There is no lack of pressure throughout the sports world as every athlete is expected to go out there and perform in every game.

In fighting it is slightly different as almost all combat sports are by far the most solitary sports in the world.

There is no sport that puts more on the shoulders of a single person than the fight game

It is a sport where there are coaches and teams but when it comes down to it all there is one person that walks into the ring or the octagon.

If that one person makes a mistake they lose but they don’t only lose they can truly get hurt with a serious injury almost guaranteed.

In the fight game, a few losses lead to a massive downturn as the fights begin to dry up and the likelihood of getting cut increases.

That is a lot of pressure to put on any one person but fighters take it and use it to driving themselves through this sport.

The UFC is the height of that pressure with so many eyes on the octagon and sometimes fighters can’t handle it as well as they hope.

These fighters are the ones who get their chance but continue to lose and seem to either not have the skill or the mental ability to fight on the big stage.

There are those fighters who thrive in the environment as they want that spotlight and they want people to watch them.

For them, the lights can never get bright enough as they are only greater when they are put under pressure.

Those are the fighters who rise up to the top and become the biggest fighters in the promotion, getting their chance at the biggest fights.

There is never a guarantee for a fighter to be able to handle that pressure but the only way to find out is to put them under those lights.

When they get to the UFC they get that chance and some handle it well while others fail to shine under the lights.

Darren Till is one of the fighters that the UFC was hoping to see shine under those lights and by all accounts, he continued to pass every test.

He is a fighter that the UFC wants to see rise as he is built similarly to the biggest star in the UFC, Conor McGregor.

He is an exciting fighter with a belief in himself that is almost never seen and a great ability in the octagon.

There was no doubt that the UFC would love to see him rise but for Till that only meant that the pressure was going to be added.

After seeing the potential in Till, the UFC gave him a tough opponent in Donald Cerrone in what was also his first main event.

It wasn’t the biggest event as it was a UFC Fight pass card from Singapore but it still put his name on the marquee.

After passing that test the UFC bumped up the stakes in a major way taking the show to his hometown and making him the

To only add to the pressure on Till, the UFC gave him one of the toughest fighters in the division.

Stephen Thompson is the #1 ranked welterweight in the world and already fought twice for the title.

He is the person that anyone would need to go through if they wanted to get a shot at Tyron Woodley for the title.

Till was put into this pressure-filled fight in front of a home crowd against the second best fighter in the division with all eyes on him.

It gave him a chance to prove that he was what he claimed, the best fighter in the world and that he could handle the pressure.

It wasn’t his easiest fight which made sense for the level that he was now fighting at as Thompson gave him a real fight.

Although Till had made his living through knocking people out he wasn’t able to land that big punch against the awkward Thompson.

Instead, they went back and forth with both landing some pretty good shots and Till even coming close to ending the fight.

It never got that far though and a very close fight ended after five rounds with good spots for either fighter.

The judges saw it for Till though who took the unanimous decision win and earned his biggest win of his career.

The pressure clearly didn’t get to Till as he put on a great show and took the win now officially cemented as a future star in the welterweight division.



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