UFC Fight Night 130 Preview

ufc-fn130The UFC has made no secret about where their business plan came from as it has always been a copy of how Vince McMahon created the WWE.

World Wrestling Entertainment has long been one of the biggest organizations in all of sports but unlike so many, the outcomes are slightly more controllable.

It gives them the freedom to control their superstars as they see fit building them as villains and good guys as they go through the ups and downs that the WWE is famous for.

These superstars know whether they are going to win or not and that helps their ability to sell the matches and keeps the fans interested.

The UFC has tried to take the same approach with some mixed results as they continue to try to build fighters only to see them fall.

That is the issue that the UFC sees that the WWE never wanted to deal with as the UFC cannot control who wins and who loses.

It is entirely up to the fighters themselves who have complete control over how they fight and who they beat.

As much as the UFC likes to build certain people up, in the end, it is all about who can win and if the fighters that the UFC builds up don’t win they tend to fall off.

Although the UFC has tried to build multiple fighters through the years the most successful seem to be the ones who build themselves.

Taking their own pages out of the WWE playbook, fighters are realizing that they can’t rely entirely on the UFC and are building their own reputations.

They are cutting promos like some of the best superstars in the WWE and looking to make themselves undeniable.

Some are far more successful than others as it is in their nature to talk a big game while others can be seen as fake right away.

There is one fighter who stands out above the rest as the best talker in the sport and he can back up most of what he talks about.

Conor McGregor took things to a new level after years of fighters trying to become bigger than the UFC, McGregor actually did it and has become the biggest star.

What makes him so different is a certain belief that nobody seems to possess in the sport.

Although he knows what he is doing every step of the way there is something about what he says that others lack.

He seems to believe in everything that he says and that belief is infectious leading to his massive amount of fans around the world.

Some don’t like him because they think he is too cocky but the more you listen to him the more you believe in him.

He is truly a one-of-a-kind but there is a fighter that is coming dangerously close to his mould and he will take on his second big name in the toughest fight of his career while fighting in front of his home crowd.mma-sidebar.fw

Darren Till is the only other fighter on the entire roster that seems to have that belief in himself like McGregor has.

He truly believes that he is the best fighter in the world and he will tell everyone that will listen.

Like McGregor, Till rubs people the wrong way and like the Irishman, at the beginning of his career, there are plenty of doubters.

Till is out to prove that what he says is not just him bragging but that everything he says is just a simple fact.

He took a big step up in competition when he took on Donald Cerrone at UFC Fight Night 118 and he passed that test with flying colours.

He took a first-round knockout win over Cowboy and put his name on the map as someone to watch.

At UFC Fight Night 130 he gets the chance to not just be a fighter to watch but be considered a future champion.

He will take on Stephen Thompson, the #1 ranked welterweight in the UFC and a fighter many consider to be a champion if he didn’t have to fight Tyron Woodley, who seems to be his kryptonite.

This is by far the most difficult fight that Till has ever been a part of with a true contender who will match the size and length while also bringing an awkward style.

If Till can get the win there is little doubt that he will be one of the top contenders in the division and will be in line for a title shot.

More than that though he will show the world that he truly is what he claims to be and that will only come closer to that stardom that only one other fighter enjoys.

He has that ability because he truly does believe in himself and if he can ride that belief there isn’t a lot stopping him from being a massive star with UFC Fight Night 130 becoming the moment that started it all.


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