MLB Week in Review (May 19-24)

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The time has come in the MLB where teams make some serious decisions about the future of their season.

Although there is a lot of baseball to play and not a lot to go off of teams are getting a better idea of what they have.

As they move on the season they are realizing where they are struggling as a team and where they need some help.

For many teams help might be coming in the form of an injured player returning or a trade as the deadline inches closer.

For many though the solution to their issues is located in their own franchise as many teams are looking to the farm system to get the boost they need.

It is an interesting debate though because team shave to weight the potential of giving a player too much too soon and their talent level.

Like every other league in sports, the youth movement is taking over baseball with younger players having a bigger impact.

The time to the major leagues is shortening every year as this used to be a long journey that took years.

The MLB draft would bring some big names but rarely would they be seen within the first few years of entering the system.

That is becoming a lot more common these days as teenagers now have a legitimate chance of playing in the majors.

This week Juan Soto made his debut for the Washington Nationals at only 19-years-old and in his first game as a starter hit a home run.

That kind of impact right away could be big for his future with the team as he could be the second star to debut so early for the Nationals after Bryce Harper began his time at the same age.

There is a legitimate debate to be had about these players though as the youth movement has only increased the pressure.

Baseball is not a sport that comes quickly to most as experience is often needed in this sport more than any other.

The experience to pick out pitches at the plate or take the right step on defence or select the right pitches on the mound is essential.

This can only come with time in the game and although there are many skilled players that can go on pure instinct alone it is a risk to bring those players up to play in the majors.

Skilled players are everywhere in the farm systems of every team but when a good player is brought up and struggles it could be the end of a career before it started.

With the precision of the game, confidence is another key factor in the success of a player but that confidence can be hard to come by in the

When hitting three out of every ten times at bat for a career is a hall of famer the margin for error can be pretty small.

Bringing up a talented young player only to have him struggle when he gets up could be a shock to his confidence.

Some can be sent down only to rebuild and find their way back but many more never find their way back to the majors.

When some players get a taste of failure for the first time in their careers it can be hard to come back from and it has happened multiple times.

So teams often have to weigh the possibilities of finding their next superstar or ruing ing their next superstar.

There are a lot of teams that could use that extra help and a few of them have what look to be stars in the making.

The biggest one might be in New Hampshire where Vladimir Guerrero Jr. is lighting it up for Toronto’s Double-A team.

It seems like every week he is the subject of another viral video where he is hitting the game-winning home run or hitting a ball out of the park from a tee.

Fans are growing impatient in Toronto especially after a tough start to the season and a young star who is considered one of the top prospects in the game seems ready to make his debut.

The biggest problem is that Guerrero is a third baseman and the Blue Jays tend to like their guy at third base.

Josh Donaldson might not be having the best season but he is a former MVP and the Jays aren’t willing to get rid of him quite yet.

The call to call him up is growing and they are not the only team dealing with that same call for their own major prospect.

Teams are forced to make that decision and they will try to do it now before it is too late and their prospects become a September call-up.

Extra Innings

Castillo Caught

Only a week after the news broke about Robinson Cano failing a drug test, another star is seeing the same fate. The Chicago White Sox catcher, Welington Castillo failed a drug test this week and for it, he gains an 80-game suspension. It will take a veteran away from a team already struggling to stay relevant. The failed drug tests are beginning to look like a thing this year though as even more teams could be seeing stars sit on the sidelines.

The Ball Study

The MLB launched a study last year after rumours began to rise regarding the balls being used. Everyone noticed that the league was enjoying a boost in offensive production thanks to the increase in home runs. For many players, especially pitchers, the reason for the increase in runs was clear, the MLB was juicing the balls. The MLB looked into the balls used last year and found that although the balls were not juiced, there is a change in how they have been behaving in the air due to aerodynamics but a more specific reason was not given.

Sticking Around

Jose Bautista was once one of the most feared hitters in the game putting up 50 home runs as a member of the Blue Jays and consistently putting up 40. Last year he struggled though and the Jays didn’t bring him back and now the once great power hitter is just looking for a place to fit in this year. He was signed by the Atlanta Braves a few weeks ago but was cut after struggling. This week the Mets signed him as he hopes to at least go out player rather than just looking for a team.


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