UFC Fight Night 129 Preview

ufc-fn129The idea of being scared is thrown around a lot in the world of MMA despite the fact that these athletes could be the bravest athletes in sports.

They quite literally step into a cage where there is an almost 100% guarantee that they will be punched in the face at some point.

Not many athletes can say with that amount of certainty that an injury is about to happen in their game.

Fighters have to suck it up and head into a fight where it is pretty much guaranteed that an injury will happen at some point.

It makes them some of the toughest athletes in the world and MMA is no different as there are even more ways to get hurt.

Still they continue to look to win whether it be to move their way up the pay grade or to get more famous or simply because it is the only thing they are good at.

Fighters are far from scared or they simply wouldn’t fight and therefore would not be a fighter.

It doesn’t mean that every fighter is will to take any fight at any time though as some fighters just go about things in a smarter way.

Some may say that people are scared of other fighters but more often than not the fighters that struggle to get fights are caught in a strange place.

They are fighters that are clearly good and have the ability to embarrass fighters but don’t have the stature to make it worthwhile.

These fighters are good but they don’t have the name and it makes them a tough opponent to sign a contract with.

Most fighters are looking to play this thing smart and aren’t trying to just run into any fight at any moment.

Although that is an easy way to get fans and some fighters have taken that path with plenty of success in terms of recognition most fighters realize that this is a temporary job.

Taking that much punishment limits the amount of time that a fighter can actually fight so for many fighter the fights they take are more strategic.

These are fights that move them forward towards a belt, not necessarily easy fights that they can win but fights that will get them closer to the title shot that they all want.

Kamaru Usman is a fighter stuck in this position as there have been a lot of rumours about the fact that he has had issues finding fights.

His power and wrestling ability has given him seven straight wins since entering the UFC off of The Ultimate Fighter.mma-sidebar.fw

Yet it has been a struggle for him to move up into the top of the rankings in the welterweight division.

Most people with a win streak like his are within a title shot but Usman only just cracked the top ten.

It can be tough because there are not a lot of top fighters that want to fight him with a lot to lose and not a lot to gain by entering the octagon with him.

It has left him with a few gaps in his fight time and an inability to stay as active as he would want to be.

At UFC Fight Night 129 he has a shot to truly make a name for himself and become that prospect that everyone needs to pay attention to in 2018.

Finally, he will get the chance to face a top-ranked opponent and someone with a pretty recognizable name.

Demian Maia is like every other fighter who was offered a fight against Usman, there is a lot to lose and not a lot to get for the veteran.

If Maia loses he takes his third straight loss to a fighter that is ranked lower than him and as a result, he likely is out of the title race altogether.

If he wins it was always supposed to happen as he is the higher ranked fighter making it a fight that doesn’t really matter.

That is a big risk to take but after two losses there isn’t much else to do as Maia needs a win right now and he needs to get that win against anyone.

Usman is going to make it tough for him as a win against Maia could finally be the win he needs to become a true contender.

An impressive win could make all the difference as Usman has a chance to break out of that strange spot and enter the conversation for a title.



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