Continuing the Pursuit of Stardom

ufcc-224In a time where the UFC is looking for their next stars, it seems like it has never been harder to get noticed.

The talent level has never been better in the UFC as there are so many great fighters in every division it can be hard to keep up.

Yet despite the talent throughout the roster the amount of fighters that are known to even casual fans seems to be at an all-time low.

As annoying to some as it is to admit this has everything to do with Conor McGregor and his ability to sell himself.

The UFC has never really been great at selling big names to the general public outside of the fight fans.

McGregor didn’t wait for them, promoting himself with outrageous press conferences and post-fight interviews.

He talked so much that casual fans were almost forced to know his name and the UFC ran with that promotion.

There is only one McGregor though and despite the fact that many people have tried to be that star none have succeeded, at least not yet.

That leaves a group of talented fighters in the shadow of the most well-known fighter ever and without a real plan to get out of that shadow.

The UFC continues to try to build up their roster but often they are selective about who they choose to build up.

It hasn’t been very effective for the UFC as they can build up anyone they want to but if that fighter loses the momentum is lost quickly.

They have been able to make good on some of the fighters that they focus on but there are still so many that could be big and just aren’t.

Some of it is a lack of exposure from the UFC while the other aspect of it is that they are not great at doing it themselves.

That is the problem facing Amanda Nunes who looked to defend her bantamweight title for the third time at UFC 224.

Nunes is at the top of the division that started women’s fighting in the UFC and once had one of the most recognizable fighters in the world.

Ronda Rousey was the beginning of the superstar era in the UFC that has only continued with McGregor.

That is largely why when she returned from being beat by Holly Holm she was the fighter everyone was talking about.

The woman she was fighting was Nunes but you would scarcely know it by the promotion done before the fight.

It was all about the comeback and if Rousey could return to the top of the division and be the star that she had been for so long.

After her loss to Holm, there was no communication from Rousey and that made things even more interesting for the casual fans.

Nunes easily got through the former champion and after the fight expressed frustration in the fact that the UFC had focused so much on Rousey and did almost nothing with herself.

She has carried that frustration throughout the remainder of her career as she has never been the fighter they talk about a lot.

Even after beating legends like Miesha Tate and Rousey then defending her belt against Valentina

She has still never been the fighter that the UFC focuses on and every fight that she goes into she is looking to prove that she can be that woman.

Some of the issue is the lack of commitment from the UFC while the lack of building herself up and her struggles with English doesn’t help.

Each win helps though as she adds to her total and quickly becomes known as one of the best female fighters ever.

Her latest attempt to do that came against Raquel Pennington at UFC 224 where Nunes was hoping to earn her third title defence against a rising star in the division.

Nunes proved exactly how good she is throughout the fight as she was simply too good for Pennington to beat.

From the opening bell, Nunes put the pressure on and began landing some serious shots including a number to the leg.

She slowly broke Pennington down throughout the fight and by the end of the fight, it was all too much for the challenger.

After a dominant fourth by the champion had Pennington wanting to throw in the towel but her corner refused to let her quit.

She came out for the fifth only to see Nunes swarm again and this time put the challenger away with a TKO.

The win is just another step for Nunes as she continues to try to become the biggest name in women’s fighting.

Her next step might just be a fight against Cyborg in what would be the greatest women’s fight in UFC history.



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