UFC 224 Preview

ufc-224The women’s divisions have been some of the more interesting ones as of late with plans for super fights and a debate over the greatest female fighter.

Before anyone was involved in the UFC’s women’s division it was Ronda Rousey who held the title as the greatest.

She was the one who took the spotlight and brought women’s fighting to the UFC and then beat all challengers.

The success of Rousey helped to grow the women’s sport and gave the UFC reason to expand to a total of four women’s division.

There is no doubt that Rousey is among the most important female fighters to ever enter the octagon but in terms of skill the debate has evolved.

After losing two straight fights Rousey is now a WWE superstar leaving the UFC to a number of extremely talented women all looking to stake their claim as the greatest of all time.

The crown seems to be firmly on the head of Cyborg who remains one of the most feared fighters in the UFC, regardless of gender.

There are a lot of fighters wanting to avoid her but there are also a few women who seem to want to accept the challenge.

One is the woman many think has the best shot against Cyborg, Megan Anderson who was rumoured to be set to fight Cyborg next.

Then Anderson was given a fight against Holly Holm seemingly having to earn her spot in the UFC by facing another top-tier fighter.

One of the more interesting options for Cyborg was one of the women to beat Rousey and cement her own spot among the best in the world.

Amanda Nunes was a fighter that nobody really cared about when she defended her Bantamweight belt against Rousey.

The talk surrounded Rousey and how the superstar would fare returning to the octagon after her first loss.

It wasn’t pretty as Nunes outclassed the biggest name in fighting at the time and proved to everyone that she deserved to be talked about.

She took offence to the fact that the UFC spent most of the time pushing the Rousey return angle and almost no time on Nunes.

Since that win, she has been on a mission to prove to the UFC and everyone else that she deserves top billing among the best in the UFC.

That would have been easy to prove if she were to fight Cyborg as many now consider Nunes one of the top two pound-for-pound female fighters in the world.

The other would be Cyborg and pitting the two against each other would be pitting two of the greatest right now against each other.

That matchup has faced its issues with Cyborg constantly refusing to fight other Brazilians and both looking to defend their titles in divisions with a lot of changes.

Just as it seemed to be coming to fruition with Cyborg saying she would make an exception for Nunes the UFC went and scheduled fights to keep things moving.

Although Cyborg still doesn’t have a fight, Nunes will look to defend her belt for the third time.mma-sidebar.fw

There is no doubt that she is aiming at the bigger fight with Cyborg but she cannot look past Raquel Pennington.

Pennington is currently on a four-fight win streak and has worked her way up to the title picture.

After spending most of her time in the UFC as another fighter with no momentum something seems to have clicked.

In her first four fights in the UFC after her Ultimate Fighter stint, Pennington was an average fighter going 2-2.

Then in 2015, she took on Jessica Andrade in what would be the beginning of her climb up the rankings to her title shot.

After taking on some very good fighters she now has to overcome the striking and power of Nunes.

That is Pennington’s speciality as she can take damage and dish it out herself leaving the match-up one between two good strikers.

The difference could be if Nunes decides to take the fight to the ground where the BJJ black belt has a clear advantage.

To move forward and take the win, Nunes will need to focus on the fight at hand and continue building her resume to become undeniable as one of the best in the world.


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